Racism: An Unfinished Debate

As society suffocates the status of a sweeper, here I come to disclose the life of a sweeper and the criticism which he/she endures. The people who do sweeping/cleaning are specifically called ‘sweeper’ in our society, though they own a name as we do.

However, these people earn their daily income by sweeping and it has been observed that the majority of people who do this work, belong to Bengali or various other nations. But the society where we live in, owns some unpleasant concepts against these people and they feel pride while having differences with such people. But to an ideology of an educationist, the people titled sweeper are the source of purity of the environment or in other words they are the reason behind a clean environment. But the way they are being treated is against humanity. Such critical comments are more often given by those who are well off or imagine themselves better than sweepers.

As the world has progressed leap and bounds, people in several regions are judged by what they have been indulged in doing as a profession. If a person holds a good job or belongs to a well-known nation, so as a result, his profession makes everyone avoid the actual guilt he has in his character in society. How unpleasant his behaviour is or how worst his way of communication is, but the only thing society focuses at is position where he officially stands.

What’s more, I try my best to understand that why the status of a sweeper went wrong? Is he/she doing a crime or perhaps they’re not considered as human beings?

Ignorance among us has emerged as a virus even more terrible than COVID-19. When people find themselves good, so they come on to criticism in the name of religion, nation and language. They create a bad call on the other minority by prioritising racism. Specific number of people who merit themselves supreme, are taking the world to a dangerous war-torn land for all those people, less-valued by society due to their physical and financial status.

But unfortunately, the majority considering its value superior, forgets to know that we all belong to the same human race. As Kofi Annan Says, “We may have different religions, languages and different coloured skin but we all belong to the same human race”.

It’s so common that the people being criticised are not those who litter but those who manage our waste. This proves us being the worst of our kind.

The sweepers don’t feel shame while taking the trash out, because they have the potential to clean the environment or because they’re dressed in normal. Agreed, that you belong to different religion, nation, perhaps you are wealthy, travel by cars, dine in the city’s most expensive restaurants but you have no right to criticise any human being. We’re the beloved creation of the God almighty and He never allows any human to exploit others in the name of religion, nation or culture. Since humanity comes before every religion, language and culture, it educates to understand, to feel and to know the surroundings.

This is upsetting that we live in a society where the people speak more and act less, as they claim that purity is half of faith.

To my perceptions, if the way of humanity gets lost, so the other ways of life wouldn’t get any meaning. If we are Muslims holding well professions, it’s the blessing of Allah-Almighty on us. So why not be grateful and stop bringing other people down.

This should be acknowledged that we, be it a doctor, activist, bureaucrat, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or anyone else different in social and cultural race, all are the beloved creation of Allah-Almighty. It is about time we emerge out from racism and understand everyone as equal.

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