CSS Aspirant’s Journey of Success and Determination

Long after opening eyes in a city of Sahiwal district, a girl named Shaista in her eighth standard for the first time in her life beheld a dream of becoming a civil servant after seeing the results of Civil Superior Services(CSS) splashed across a local newspaper. Who knew that particular dream would actually turn into a reality and especially for a girl whose only one male member of her relations had up to now done Masters in English and as per Ma’am Shaista he would be held in high esteem for his credentials among her family. According to her, for quite a long time after determining somewhere in her mind of becoming a civil servant, she had never heard of any civil servant serving in her native city. However, she dared to become one. After serving at various levels, Shaista Nadeem is currently rendering her services as an SSP investigations.

While delivering an interaction based motivational lecture to the supposedly best brains of the Punjab, she poured her heart out and raised the morale as well as confidence of the students telling them her own trials and tribulations that she had to go through during these years’ long journey. She told them the best possible ways of overcoming fears by suggesting an array of methodologies. Responding to a question raised by a student she said “there are always some people in families who don’t want you to make headway in life and pull your legs by ridiculing your aims and aspirations. But what a person must strive to do is to not heed their opinions because they don’t matter at all. The only institution that matters is family and fortunately I had the full support of my family”.

As the lecture proceeded, she divulged more and more experiences of her life—some good others bad— and reiterated that a person must remain steadfast in their aims despite all the challenges. Highs and lows are a part of life and sans giving much thoughts to them, people ought to count their blessings rather than heeding irrelevantly what they have not had. On the other hand, she shed light on strategies on how to set and plan one’s goals and referred to the epigrams by successful, rich and legendary people belonging to different walks of life.

Time and again, she tried to make the students realize the importance of ‘thinking’. She lamented that contemporary youth had abandoned the very habits of thinking and reading and rather indulged themselves in activities which were seldom useful i.e. excessive usage of smartphones. Stressing the need to revive the reading culture, she advised the young minds to broaden their thinking and imagination by developing this habit of reading. Whenever she visited the house of some intellects of our country, she recalled that books were integral part of their houses and were in thousands. Moreover, in a philosophic manner she reiterated that “what a person thinks, they can achieve”. Somehow, this writer also believes the same. No matter whether it seems realistic or not, one must think big and simultaneously believe in oneself that it is only “I” who can do this. Sooner or later a determined person’s dream sees the light of the day as “all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

CSS is a competitive examination which occasionally takes a heavy toll on the aspirants who feel like seeing themselves at the helm of affairs in this country. For this to happen, the aspirants not only have to study a lot but also they have to demonstrate that they can deal with all the impending crises—no matter how humongous they can be. Due to this very reason, the aspirants’ steadfastness and determination are assessed during the days of examinations by setting usually two exams in a single day. And this is commonly a six-day procedure where the aspirants have to appear regularly without any holiday in between. Shaista Nadeem quoted her own experience and said, ” Owing to exhaustion and being dead tired, on the fifth day I was attempting my exams in a quasi-sleeping mode”. But her firm determination kept her going and eventually she passed the competitive exam and cleared the interview and ultimately got allocation in police group. It was nothing less than a dream come true for her and her family.

That doesn’t mean she never faced any hurdles but she believes that once a person determines to achieve a particular aim, everything falls into line. The Creator keeps testing one’s patience and those who don’t stumble despite all the encumbrances are ordained to reach their destinations. With this hope that no boy or girl would ever complain of bad circumstances and would rather stand firm and strong, she concluded the lecture.


“Victory is always possible for a person who refuses to stop fighting”

—Napoleon Hill

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