Are Exams Results efficient way to determine Child’s ability?

We are living in an age where education is merely the name of marks and grades. Parents force their children to get good marks in exams, they are not ready to understand that all children don’t have same capacity to study a particular thing. They don’t focus on the capabilities of their children and think of exams results as the only criteria to test their child’s knowledge. In such a situation, if a child is not able to perform well in exams, he gets discouraged and depressed.

Are Exams Results efficient way to determine Child’s ability?

Well, actually grades or marks are not a reliable way to determine one’s knowledge or intelligence. They only indicate one’s performance in a particular paper, with a specific syllabus and a certain checking criteria. As, good marks can be obtained by cramming or selective study which limits the knowledge but guarantees good marks, in such a case, the student has little or no understanding of the subject as he has just memorized the syllabus.

A student can be poor in Mathematics but good in Science, this surely does not mean he is not smart. Simply, he has a different point of view and a way of thinking.

Knowledge is not just cramming the books, it is also gained by interacting with the outside world, experiencing the realities of life, an exam is too small a criteria to judge knowledge.

From primary to higher education, the only race is of marks and when these students enter the professional life, they are not able to adjust, because professionalism demands skills and knowledge but our students just have marks and grades to show for which they are striving from their childhood.

In short, examinations are, at times, good and necessary but they are not everything.

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