Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden while delivering an oration to well-masked and well-distanced crowd in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, verbalized that America is in dangerous place. Exclusively, he betokened to mishandling of novel coronavirus, economic disparity, and racial division. He termed nation as divided house and election a high-stake contest of life and death. Where he without mentioning current US president Donald Trump, criticized him, he meant that the lives under stewardship of Trump are at risk. He is not only one who is denouncing, but also various political pundits and economic scholars are dispraising Trump’s performance regarding these issues. As US election is nigh, Joe Biden and his counterpart Donald Trump toil to get favour of people. Especially, Biden is focusing on the politics of covid-19 and racial division in order to get support from not only whites but also from minority groups – Blacks, Latinos, and Hispanics.

To confirm the statement of Joe Bidden let us reckon the handling of corona virus and racial division under supervision of incumbent US president Donald Trump.

Since the tally of infections has crossed eight millions and more than two lac people have gone to cemetery; economy has slumped at 32.8%  annual rate; virtually one million Americans have lost their jobs, still Trump takes corona virus light. Additionally, as covid-19 spread throughout white house, in consequence Trump, his family, his staff, and senators became victim of the virus, which raised question on execution of Trump apropos of the virus. That too cannot get Trump to realize perils of the covid-19. Instead, he urged his countrymen to spur their masks, which made doctors of the state aghast. A research conducted with respect to his achievements on fighting the covid-19 depicts that more than 50 per cent people are unsatisfied with Trump’s achievements.

Sorrowfully, the virus has directly or indirectly impacted blacks more than whites, be it deaths, unemployment, or pecuniary loss. A report by centers for Disease Control and Prevention portrays that the African-American have been victim and have passed away at humongous rate due to covid-19. Another report says nearly 3 out of 4 children who die from corona virus belong to Blacks, Latino, and Hispanic families. In addition to this, covid-19 economic relief programme for business did not priorities undeserved markets which negatively impacted thousands of Black-owned firms. In April, the Center Responsible for Lending narrated that approximately 95% of Black-owned businesses were shut out of covid-19 relief loans.

Furthermore, the senescent systematic and institutional racism still exists in America, but most worrisome is that Trump has exacerbated it than his predecessors used to have. The recent quietus of George Floyd at hands- and under the knee- of Minneapolis police officer that sparked protests throughout the world is conspicuous clue of galloping racism in tenure of Donald Trump. Racial division does not end here. It has multifarious shapes in US.

Taking the economic inequality, Blacks and white households have different income level even after pursuing same degree from same university. According to Census Bureau data, median income of black households in Minneapolis-st. Paul was $38,200 less than that of white households that is $85,400. Besides, metro area’s Black-white home ownership gap- 46% to 79%- is even wider than national gap of 51% to 75%. Moreover, Donald Trump, in 2017, signed a tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But, according to Center for public integrity, that will de facto increase taxes for American households making below $30,000. This will disproportionately affect Blacks, because almost 40% Black people earn less than $30,000, compared to only 22% of whites.

Additionally, scarcely any week goes without demise of African-American at hands of US police or vigilantes. A study shows that US consist of 5% population of the world, but she is home to 21% world’s incarcerated people- one third of them are blacks. It further says, annually US police shoot to death 1000 people. Besides, in Minneapolis, police stop black people at 2.46 times proportional to their population, compared to 0.45 times for whites. In New York City, 88% of police stops involved Black people and Latins, while 10% were white people. More, Black Americans are more likely to be arrested, convicted, and undergo lengthy prison sentences. On average, Black man receives 19.1% longer sentences than whites for same crime.

Racialism has also its roots in educational institutes; many black students are suspended and expelled annually. In accordance with a survey, 15.8% of students experienced race-based bullying or harassment.

Thereby, Biden leads presidential race. According to the new survey by Pew Research Center, conducted sept. 30-oct. 5. Biden maintains an overall lead in voter preferences: 52% of registered voters say if the elections were held today, they would vote for Biden, whereas, 42% support or lean toward voting for Trump. Another research by the same center predicted that this year Latins will become the largest non-white electoral group in the US, which had been voting for Republicans for decades, but this time they are going to alter their history. In addition, the survey, from polling and analytical firm YouGov, claimed that 72% of Indian-American voters are looking to vote for Biden, while 22% will favour incumbent president Donald Trump.

To encapsulate, denizens of America are going to oppose racial division and economic inequality, and are going to standby united home.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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