Mainstreaming our Madrassas and tapping the hidden talent!

Madrassas are places, where parents send their children for the understanding and learning Of the Quran, Hadith, and other Islamic teachings under a mentor who is an Aalim, Mufti or a Qari.

Since post 9/11, Madrassas are quite on target of Western worlds, as they are of the view that it is the breeding ground for the Taliban and extremists, and they have always been asking to regularize it under the Country’s education system, though their main motive is to shut these madrassas completely.

Pakistan has approximately 30000+ Madrassas that have 2.5 million students. The students at Madrassas are not encouraged to study after Matric by the chieftains and this way many students after graduating the Madrasas do low-level Jobs or a pious duty of teaching the Quran or Hadith. But the question is that in this developing world where every person is fighting for his bread and butter through getting more and more education and skills, how are they going to cope up in the future? Why the Madrasas students can not be a Civil servant or a bureaucrat serving our Islamic republic?

The recent reforms, by PTI lead government, in Madrassas are quite commendable and admirable, that after 7 decades of independence, at least someone is thinking for the future of these brilliant minds, that are being kept away from the developing world. In 2019, the Spokesperson of the Government announced a program of Mainstreaming the 30000 Madrassas, according to which all the Madrassas will be kept under the strict watch of State and will be under the Ministry of Education. For this government will be allocating 1 Billion Rupees annually. The recent “Uniform Education System” policy of the federal government also includes these Madrasas. The students of Madrassas will be taught the same syllabus that a Rich person’s kid will be taught in an expensive private school; though the stakeholders of the madrassas had strongly opposed the recommendation, but one can not fight the state.

One must not forget the hidden and untapped talent in these Madrasas. For example, the Jamia Bait-ul-salam,Talagang reached the final of “Tecknofest 2020” which is Turkey’s biggest tech competition. Not only this, but they also won the 2019 Robofiesta, a robotic competition held in Taxila every year, that has the participation of over 20 prestigious universities from all over the country. It is only one madrassa that has started to give proper education along with the religious teaching, but if all 30000 madrassas that have 2.5 million children are given the same level of education, imagine how valuable can these students be for the future of our country and most importantly to portray the Positive image of religious teaching schools.

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