Social Revolution of the Capitalists!

It is an open secret that social media has revolutionized our life. Communication has become not only easy but also very effective by all means. Like every invention, it has also its demerits. When we look at our everyday life, we find out some alarming effects of social media that need to be addressed. This phenomenon of the digital world is like a sweet poison, eating away human beings without much pain. I have chosen only a couple of its side effects which, normally, go unnoticed.

The sole purpose of a capitalist after an invention is how to get richer and richer. It is the least concern of a capitalist, how his approach affecting the masses. The arrival of social media has dragged us into an invisible race to look better economically, aesthetically, and socially. For example, the only purpose of ‘my status’ function is to show people that your life is better than those who are in your contact list. Gone are the days when one would secretly write his daily affairs in a diary. In the present era, we don’t feel the happiness of spending time with friends whom we met unless we tell those who were not there. Social media has changed our psychology about life. Life is becoming so tasteless because we are far more interested in spending time on a mobile phone in a concrete building. None of us remember when last time we sat near a flower, contemplating its development. The loss of connections with Nature is primarily on account of our absorbance in social media.

Another major negative impact of social media is on our diction. I truly believe that we need to use words carefully. When enough people place words in wrong situations, words lose their meaning. I’ve seen nowadays that every tiny thing is ‘great’ to us. We ‘just love’ everything and whoever gives a little favor or with whom we spend a little good time he is ‘the best’ to us. I believe things can be ‘decent’ and still be good. There is a room to ‘like’ things in this world rather than loving them altogether. ‘The best’ can only be one rather than every single person. People can be ‘good’ only and still be good enough. The capitalist has made us ostentatious. In quest of looking ‘classy ‘, we glorify trivial events. Language is a beautiful gift, we need to respect it.

There is no denying the fact that social media is an exhilarating development in the world. It is changing our lives quickly. It is so fast that we are not even realizing it. We need not be addicted to its functions. We need to let people know that life is greater than just telling other people what your life is. There is no need to glorify yourself to an extent where you start sounding fake. Only true description and depiction can make us original. That is exactly, the way to go.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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