The Murder of Merit in Pakistan!

We have all heard that the murder is always of a living being, but today, every hour, every minute, and every second, you will see the murder of humanity, the murder of hopes. The murder of merit means the murder of justice. When the merit is murdered, society can no longer be called a human society.

Looking at the Islamic point of view, giving the order of justice Allah Almighty said in the Quran: “God commands justice and fair dealing.” From this verse, we can conclude that Allah commanded us to do justice and fair dealings in all aspects of life whether it’s a small or big matter. In Islam, justice is considered to be the supreme virtue. What could be bigger than that?

The Holy Prophet established the system of justice in front of the whole world whose example could not be found anywhere. Even our Prophet’s enemies called him honest and trustworthy. We are followers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and we should follow the Prophet because it is Sunnah. Then why do people forget their religion for a few bucks, take the bribe, kill the rights of others, and make their earnings forbidden? One day, this world will end. Money and everything will be left here. The only thing which will be with us is our good deeds.

Other than this, the establishment of justice in any Islamic state is a basic necessity. Without that, no country can achieve success.  If the merit is removed from the country and if students are allowed to copy in exams, the country will be automatically destroyed. Due to low academic standards, people do not come forward on the basis of merit so the patients will die in the hands of doctors, buildings will fall by the hands of engineers, and so on.

When the Merit is assassinated, society becomes engrossed in issues. Recently I read on the news that when an officer was taking interviews for a job, a boy came to him. All that was asked from him was answered correctly. More than 40 questions were asked and he didn’t give a single wrong answer. Everyone was amazed to see his intelligence, but he did not get the job because of his financial issues and fewer contacts.

Daily, several people’s lives are ruined due to the murder of Merit. A murder is a murder, whether of a living being or even of Merit. It is like a sin but unfortunately in our country punishment is not given. That is why so many such cases occur daily in our country and our country is moving towards downfall.

Destruction comes from injustice. Our government should punish those who murder merit and ruin the lives of so many people. Moreover, the government should form NGOs where helpless people like that intelligent young boy get the opportunity to raise their voice and get justice.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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