Panacea to Unemployment in Pakistan!

I remember the last day of my graduate degree at the university. I felt that there was an unusual silence in the examination hall and lobbies instead of the excitement of completion of the degree. It was the uncertainty about the future that had overcome the happiness of completion of education. I thought it is a stress period of individual life with no prediction of its end. Nowadays, the final exams of degrees have conducted in Pakistan and the new chuck of graduates has entered the job market, thereby adding to the unemployment ratio.

The reasons behind this state of the affair are many including lack of research and development, lagging industry, inability apropos entrepreneur difference between job demand and educational skills small job market, and lack of jobs in accordance with a degree acquired by the student on the supply side, and it is lack of quality education that includes obsolete curricula and absence of requires skills on the demand side.

Unemployment in educated youth is a matter of great concern in developing countries like Pakistan where the population is largely comprised of young people as education is difficult to attain. After so many efforts and investments when the individuals remain deprived of a job, the situation could have grave consequences as far as social stability is concerned. Unemployment is a ticking time bomb as it could usher in aggressive behavior, economic tribulations of poverty, underdevelopment and debts burden, and social instability.

The situation can’t be solved without a multipronged and all-encompassing strategy by the integrated efforts of different state institutions in this regard is also a pressing need of time.

As the service sector is not as wide as it can absorb thousands of individual every year, the inculcation of a sense of entrepreneurship as recommended by UNESCO  is a credible panacea to end unemployment with a multi-layered benefits individuals should be encouraged to start enterprises in with new ideas this would indubitably help in economic progress. The related courses ought to be added to the syllabus. The government should also apply easy loans to youth.

Online marketing in nearly all sectors has been gaining traction. Training in digiskills is a demand of time. Pakistan is among the top countries where the percentage of freelance learning has increased in the past years.  Individuals must be trained to unearth this reservoir of earning foreign exchange instead of only running behind jobs that are scarce in the country.

The ability to establish startups in individuals is juxtaposed to a strong sense of creativity, logical reasoning, and critical analysis. The Pakistani students are mostly lagging behind in these indispensable skills. The root of the problem of rote learning in the country’s education system. The students are required to learn a fixed syllabus at the cost of expediency. The most pathetic of the situation is that they are mostly unaware of the fact that how they are being theft of their future. As the examination process only assesses memory skills instead of multiple intelligence; it affects fluid intelligence and the graduates often remain deprive of a problem-oriented approach that is the hallmark of the modern marketing system.

Lack of skilled labor is also a source of unemployment as reported by the ILO in one of its reports. In the age of 4.0 industrial revolution. Most of the STEM graduates are lacking acumen in artificial intelligence. The inclusion of foreign experts in various projects of CPEC is conspicuously evident in this context. The institution has to make stringent efforts to develop soft skills in individuals.

The provision of quality education is impossible without the reforms in curricula and study modules. In all courses, the contents vis-à-vis technical aspects are inexorable. But the higher education institutions in Pakistan have been underprivileged regarding technical skill development and vocational training. Moreover, there is an ample need for inducing a sense of innovation and creativity among students instead of forcing them to cram prescribed contents.

Industry academia linkage is inevitable in the present-day world.   It is a foundation step for the pinnacle of progress in industrialization and employment and prosperity in retrospect. It has been proving helpful for students in securing a job in the developed world.

There must be deliberation must on behavioral education to avoid pessimism. There ought to be psychological and motivated training of the university students to adopt the attitude of resilience, hard work, and positivity regarding gaining success. By this effort, the students would be capable of facing challenges of life and making new endeavors confidently.

The sufficient allocation of funds is a linchpin of quality education. In Pakistan, only about 2 percent of GDP has been spending on education. According to the World Bank statistics, Pakistan spends a meager amount on research and development, only about 0.24 percent of GDP. The loopholes in the education quality owing to low spending are a big factor behind the unemployment that is needed to be overcome.

In a nutshell, rectification at the level of university education would help in streamlining the youth in the economic development of Pakistan by providing them opportunities for employment.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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