Nationalism – A Threat To World Peace?

The history of the world shows that powerful nations have always dominated the world in every sphere of life. The powerful one had always thought itself to be superior. As a result, minorities faced the worst exploitation. We might not have even thought about equality but the concept of ‘nation-state’ brought the idea of tolerance and equality. A democratic nation-state is not only bound to safeguard its nation but also has a moral duty to protect all minorities regardless of their religion or anything. Sadly, this concept is fading away with the passage of time.

After the Second World War, for about fifty years, countries of the world have remained relatively tolerant towards minorities. However, this spirit of equality and tolerance is rapidly on the decline due to popular governments in major countries of the world. The USA and India are perfect examples to analyze how the ”protector of democratic values” are weakening the democracy. PM Modi’s’ Hindutva’ ideology and President Trump’s ‘America first’ share a lot of similarities that put the life of minorities in hot water. These leaders instigate the majority against those who are less in numbers. The worst part of such leaders is their ability to address minorities as the sole reason for their economic failures. Popular leaders spread hate to counter the political hostilities against them by neglecting the long term effect of such policies.

Throughout the history of the world, strong nations removed the natives of a particular land and established their rule through power. The examples of Europeans’ arrival in America and Australia clearly state how the system of the world had always been working. Perhaps this is the psychological setup of the human mind that is hindering the modern leaders from becoming tolerant to the weak.

The popular leaders in the majority of the world play the nationalism card for political purposes. It is certainly the safest thing to do in politics. However, its implications are massively dangerous for the peace of the world. If big countries of the world continue to follow the path of nationalism, one must fear that we may find ourselves in a third World War. The only satisfying thing, in this case, is that we will not have to worry about the fourth World War. The world will rest in peace forever after the third one.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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