Smog of hopelessness!

While the recent 1.1 trillion rupees package ignited the flames of delight in the hearts of desperate residents of Karachi, the city still reeks of despair. This chronic hopelessness is the result of a series of betrayal, gross political incompetence, and lack of attention from powerful stakeholders. Let us closely examine the agonizing realities behind this perpetual despondency.

Provincial and Federal dilemma:

It is very much comprehensible that the implementation of this plan is only possible if all the stakeholders are on the same page. This unique gesture of unity was witnessed during the press-conference when three main political parties of Karachi sat together, despite their extremely diverged political ideologies. This was deemed historic by many analysts as it is rare to see such gestures, especially in a country where political polarization is at the point of no return. One very same day, regrettably, the cracks started to appear on the freshly cemented wall of unity. Disagreements resurfaced when the gratuitous bickering started over who should take the credit, with the provincial government claiming to have funded this program more than the federal government. This futile course of discord greatly threatened the execution of this plan.

Lack of accountability:

Even if the package is said to execute under strict observation of the Prime Minister himself, different questions are still surfacing. How will the common man of Karachi know about the progress? Where is the surety that the money will not go to the private reserves? Who will stop the corrupt beneficiaries who are eager to revel in this great fortune? All these queries are legitimate and supported by past inconsistencies and betrayals. The government must devise a proper way to go forward by taking care of the questions raised by a common resident of Karachi.

Absence of proper system:

What happens afterward? Is the package enough? Who will make sure that the money spent is sustainable? The absence of a proper local government system is a true ordeal. Nothing can function efficiently if there is no system. Everyone knows the wailing of Mayor Karachi. Every major city across the world are administered by an independent local government system where the mayor is at the top. Remember that cartoon, Power Puff girls, where the mayor was in charge of literally everything? Yes, that is the system Karachi needs so that all future plans and packages could be smoothly implemented and supervised for a long term. There are, undoubtedly, many more reasons. The main question is, will the government succeed in ensuring the efficient execution of the announced plan? Or it will end up in the hands of hungry vultures or victimized by dirty politics? Let us hope for the re-emergence of hope.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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