Stepping into Digital World – good or bad?

The enhanced trends of digitization have been shifting us into a fast-paced world where emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, liking are expressed with nothing other than an emoji. Your friend passed an exam which you got to know while scrolling through some social media application let’s say Facebook. In most cases, you would not feel any kind of profound feeling. But you will surely congratulate her by commenting on her Facebook announcement. Then you scroll down further and receive the sad news of someone’s demise. You still do not feel emotion. But again, you reply with a sad emoji.

Today there is hardly any child who does not spend his/her spare time watching YouTube videos. In fact, children these days know all the technicalities of electronic gadgets. The results are obviously bad eyesight, impaired creativity, a revulsion for social mingling resulting in most children becoming introverts. But there is another aspect that is never mentioned. The lost childhood fun. When these children would grow up, a look back at their childhood would give them nothing but glimpses of YouTube videos.

There has been a tremendous decline in children’s various activities. I remember playing with my neighbors in street various games like “Ready-go”, “Pakran-Pakraai”, “kabaddi-kabaddi”, “Haathi-soond” and many more such games. Then the game of Name-Place-Thing. Playing Ludo with a lot of “Dhandali” (cheating).

These games were not merely games. They taught us many lessons. We learned how to socialize with friends? How to accept defeat? How to behave after winning a game? How to compensate friends who were not proficient enough for a certain game? How to settle disputes? How to escape the class barriers and play without any discrimination with all the children of the street?

But in our new generation, I see a dearth of basic tolerance. Maybe we can attribute this to the growing digital trends. These days children are losing basic tolerance and the ability to cooperate with each other. One cannot negate the perks of digital technology in the modern world. But one should also be careful with their use especially in case of children because they are at the learning stage of their life and care must be taken so as to prevent technology from thwarting their learning faculties.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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