Flagging tech Industry in Pakistan!

The present government was sought chanting slogans of digital Pakistan. Its mission was to launch digital payment method to boost up Pakistan’s digital economy. However, a digital Pakistan was a Utopian digital world shown by Present government to the youth of Pakistan as recently PTA banned one of the most popular video game PUBG (player unknown battle ground). This ban affected most of the youth of Pakistan who used to upload or live stream videos to earn money.

Earlier this month there was PUBG world cup tournament and whole tech industry from all over the world were participating only Pakistan was left behind due to the ban. Recently PTA banned bigo live streaming app and also sent warning to tiktok video app due to its “vulgar” content. And today Supreme court of Pakistan hinted to ban YouTube in Pakistan for bad content being uploaded there. If its about bad content then bad and vulgar content is everywhere not only on few apps. YouTube’s feed is based upon search results whatever you watch and search most automatically it appears on your YouTube feed.

It is responsibility of individual or their parents to regulate and maintain content of their children. Back in 2011 YouTube was banned and Aitzaz hassan said ” You cannot burn entire library just because few books are bad” that is the same scene here. In the field of technology we are left far behind and digitalization is only way forward to compete in the world of tech and innovation. Recently google has said that its ready to invest almost 10 billion dollars in our neighboring country and it is possible said by tech experts that “India” might be next tech hub of Asia after china.

There is place called YouTube space in many countries where YouTube help YouTubers to grow their channels and offer counseling too. There are different sets to shoot your video and much more. YouTube space will never be in Pakistan because they know single objectionable content can ruin their entire YouTube space.

The continuous ban on social media and digital apps are the reasons Pakistan’s tech industry is not progressing. Naya Pakistan seems a blink of stone age era as it continues to ban social media apps and indeed it is not a wise act. When you let people of 70 years old to take decisions of 18 year old youth then you find a continuous tech downfall. That is the reason Netflix, Amazon Prime and Tesla are not ready to invest in Pakistan they know it somehow they will be banned for no reason. The tech industry must be revived and the government shall impose age restriction on different social media apps and if after age restriction children use it then it is the responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their children.

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