Covid-19 and Online Education in Pakistan

The current coronavirus situation has paralyzed the system of the entire world in terms of traveling, economy, health, education, and so on. From the last three months, the students of schools, colleges, and universities are forced to confine at home and get an education through modern technology. It was pertinent to the government of Pakistan, specifically, to take an initiative of closing the educational institutions as a precautionary measure to protect the students, faculty members and others from this deadly virus. Such circumstances led the ways to introduce the online education system in the country so that the students can ensure their studies by staying at home.

This online education system is as new for Pakistani students and teaching staff as the Novel Coronavirus itself. For the students, this new system has paved a way to explore new areas of vast technology along with getting access to online research papers, e-books, and finding relevant data to their assignments, quizzes, and term papers. The Covid-19 scenario direly needs a long term planning to continue the country’s educational system and the completion of degrees on time.

This online system is not only helpful in getting education on time, but it also seems to be a source that leads the students get acquainted with the positive use of technology by using the new apps like Zoom, MS Teams, etc.

However, for most of the students, this system has created a kind of topsy-turvy situation, sometimes, due to poor internet connections, non-availability of computers, or laptops for the deprived students.

Moreover, I have also witnessed the students’ online campaigns on social media where they have been seen inviting other students to fill some specific online-questionnaires. These online-questionnaires contain questions regarding online classes that either this system should be continued or not, whether the universities have to look for any other alternative option or, being a student, are you satisfied with this flop means of studying online?

Furthermore, after sensing the bewilderment among the students, the universities also asked the teachers to get the online-questionnaires filled by the students and suggest particular recommendations for improving the online education system.

The Covid-19 led situation is assumed to remain long and thus, online classes are one of the decisive needs of the time. In this critically tormented scenario, the entire nation has to stay united; especially the students should understand the need of the hour and take online classes via Zoom and MS Teams as an addition to their entertainment and exploration of new things.

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