COVID-19-What’s at stake for Pakistan?

A lot has been happening in the world because of the coronavirus in recent weeks. With death tolls rising and borders being shut, what can developing countries like Pakistan learn from other countries before it gets worse for them?

Facts about Pakistan:

Among top 5 most populated countries in the world and has several cities with very high population density.

Average social circle and interactions in a day are much higher compared to Italy/Europe. (personal observation)

International tourists are much less in number compared to Italy/Europe. Domestic tourism, on the other hand, is a handsome size.

Has one of the youngest populations in the world.

The high population density in major cities of Pakistan and higher average social circle can help in the spread of virus while less number of international visitors should have the opposite effect.

If situation like Italy starts happening in Pakistan and no. of cases in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi surpass a certain threshold, we can easily approach the no. of coronavirus cases estimated in this section, unless otherwise, preventive measure are taken in advance.

If preventive measures are not taken already, no. of cases in Karachi surpass 1000, and virus spreads like it has been spreading in Italy, then Karachi can possibly have more than half a million infected people in just another 25 to 30 days.

Hopefully, it never happens because seemingly the Government of Pakistan has already started taking several measures in an attempt to contain the virus. But if and when it does happen, then the picture is a really bleak one for Pakistan.

What Should Pakistanis do?

It is in fact avoidable and possible to contain as already demonstrated in China. In any case, it’s not too late for Pakistan yet. If enough measures on government level are taken and people take their individual and social responsibilities seriously, then it is very possible to contain it.

If not, then just wait for it to hit you really hard.

Pakistanis please take it seriously before it’s too late. Don’t be afraid of COVID-19 but also don’t be a fool. Take precautionary measures, stay at homes and work from home, avoid social gatherings, use mask and sanitizers. Stay safe for your family and for this Nation.

What’s at stake for Pakistan?

Major reasons of worry:

Our Economy is not stable Economic activity will cripple. Our system will collapse.

It can potentially infect a very large population of major cities.

Some percent of recovered patients seems to have reduced function of lungs for lifetime. This can result in an estimated 20–30% of the population with reduced lung functions.

It will totally exhaust country’s healthcare system.

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