Three Steps Remedy for Coronavirus

Following, a three-step remedy is recommended for coronavirus’ patients, suspects and victims. Normal people can also use it as a preventive measure. World Health Organization, United Nations, Global Health Bodies, Governments, Healing Institutions, etc. are advised and requested to have a look at this remedy.

The remedy can be used in hospitals, health facilities, isolation wards, quarantines, or at homes.

This remedy should be practiced along with all the precautionary measures and medical treatment as recommended by health/Government bodies.

Step 1 – Cleanse your Heart

Close your eyes. Focus on your heart. Connect with your inner self. Feel your soul. Read and discover yourself. Purify your heart from all the hatred, anger, jealousy, grudge, bitterness and bad feelings. Forgive everyone: your enemies, bad-wishers, opponents, haters, etc. Demolish the obsession and idol of your big ego. Surrender yourself. Admit your mistakes, faults, and sins.

Then call the Ultimate Force, the Supreme Power, the Nature, the Lord, the Creator, or your Loved One with extreme love and compassion inside your heart thrice.

Whether you call it: Allah, God, Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, Onkar, Waheguru, Data, Om, Ram,Krishna, Bhagavan, or whatever you like. Atheists may call their own names inside their heart, sweetly. Call your Lord with true submission and repentance. Seek forgiveness and mercy.

Step 2 – Listen

With closed eyes, listen to Surah Al-Rehman– an Arabic recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Basit (without translation).

Listen with thorough attention, concentration, and respect.Feel the radiation, energy, and vibration of sound.Listen with the ears of your heart as the rain of light and blessings pouring down on you.

Step 3 – Drink Water

After listening to Surah Al-Rehman, open your eyes and take half a glass of water. Close your eyes again and say “Allah” (the God), or whatever you like to call as mentioned above, three times in your heart with deep love and affection. Then drink the water, with closed eyes, in three sips.

Frequency of Remedy

Practice the remedy for 7 consecutive days:

  • 3 times per day (for treatment)
  • At least once per day (for prevention)

After 7 days, continue doing step 3 and spread the message to others.

Guideline for Young Children

If the patient’s age is below 12 years, then instead of the patient, only his/her both parents (mother and father) have to practice the above-mentioned remedy.

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