Slogan ‘Mera Jism Mere Marzi’ gains momentum

At a time when women are celebrating women’s day all across the world, women in Pakistan have faced serious backlash for getting out of streets demanding their rights. They have invited severe criticism for themselves. It’s not something new that women in Pakistan have not faced any troubles when it comes to their rights.

Pakistan is a society where the clutches of patriarchal circle are so strongly embedded that woman are considered submissive and subservient to men.

‘Mera Jism Mere Merzi’ has gained momentum in past few weeks. Some of the men who are misogynistic and have patriarchal mindsets have felt a sense of threat to their dominance and existing patriarchal culture. These chauvinist and misogynistic mindsets are largely against women progress and development.

Lately a number of Pakistanis have objected slogans used by participants of Aurat March. Women in Pakistan suffer huge social and cultural pressure. Making matters worse, they are legally barred to attain justice. Amidst this it is time to support feminism – the true and moderate ideology rather a radical one.

Even in the case of Nobel winner Malala where most of the people from Pakistan have showed hatred and unhappiness towards her success naming it as “political agenda, political game and western agent”. Are we seriously living in a country where we can’t appreciate someone’s success or is it only she “being woman”. The one who is only bringing good name to our country and we have not spared her even.

Slogan “mere jism mere marzi” is absolutely given negative connotations and is misrepresented. There is no wrong in having control of your own body. Are men not controlling their own bodies? What if Women raises a voice against abortion, pregnancy, rape, sex trafficking, prostitution, forced marriages and sexual harassment? Why the slogan is only associated with negative connotations? Why most of the men are associating this slogan with women “wants western culture and western thoughts”. That’s how unfortunately Nobel Winner Malala is also associated with.

On Tuesday, in the late night show, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and Marvi Sarmad battle drove the Pakistani country crazy and exceptionally frustrated. It was unbelievable where most of the educated men and some women were condoning the act of Qamar. He has showed not only abusive but misogynistic approach towards women.

His behavior showed how arrogant he being a man is which is very common in our patriarchal culture. This is very unfortunate in a country like Pakistan where female raises a voice for herself invites severe backlash and criticism for herself and above all those men who are supporting Qamar sahib views are expressing their mindsets and thoughts when it comes to women’s right.

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  1. Syed Amjad Hussain says

    the slogan, mera jism meri marzi, is totally ridiculous, misleading and of poor taste. the slogan is made by some illiterate and crude person.
    it could have been, ” mein aur meri shakhsiyat ” or “meri zindagi mera faisla” mera mustaqbel meri choice”

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