Cyber bullying: An unbridled curse

Cyber bullying is very common in our society these days. It is the sort of bullying in which e-mails, websites or any other electric communication is used to offend or humiliate someone, giving offensive remarks about individual or saying anything that could be problematic in nature.

Making fake accounts or cyber stalking is very common these days to make hate comments or sending nasty messages to people to annoy them in any way possible. People are being sexually harassed through social media as well like leaking their personal pictures and videos or sometimes they edit the pictures and videos by themselves. It is causing depression and anxiety on people being bullied and some of them even try to commit suicide.

Cyber bullying is a curse which has taken deep roots in our society. In some cases, it is not even considered an offense rendering bullying tactics go on incessantly. The digital environment has become so much insecure that sometime those being bullied either deactivate their accounts or in extreme cases commit suicide.

Teenagers are having trust issues now and it is getting difficult for them to get comfortable with people now. They do not get comfortable in human interaction. They have started keeping extra distance from anonymous people as well as their parents and relatives. The main cause of poor academic performance is also due to cyberbullying. It is tough and hard for children to focus on studies.

Children and youth are usually the victim of cyberbullying. They prefer to spend time alone rather than being with parents, friends or in any other social circle. They should involve their parents or elders whom they trust to sort things out. People being cyber bullied can also report against the bullier, so that someone can take strict action against them. It can help protecting the upcoming youth or generation from being cyber bullied.

People should keep their social accounts secured and create some strong password which no one can easily guess. People can easily hack the accounts if the password is too easy and try not to share the password with anyone. People should not open the spam messages and report them immediately when you see them to protect your account.

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