Why Is Human Being Ungrateful And Unreliable?

The relationship between Allah and man is very beautiful and strong. Allah created a beautiful earth for man and then decorated it with various blessings so that it would be easy for a man to live.

But with all this and with the existence of human beings, man has been disobedient to Allah ever since. The man acknowledges the existence of Allah but does not obey Allah’s commands or orders. This disobedience was initiated by the Prophet Adam (A.S) and therefore he was expelled from Paradise. We do not obey Allah, so our lives are confused and we fail to handle it. Allah has revealed the Qur’an for every guide of our lives.

Allah sent a double responsibility to man. On the one hand, it has to carry the world and on the other, prepare itself for the Hereafter. Therefore, the Qur’an speaks of both the world and the Hereafter so that the heart of man can have an attraction for both. Similarly in the Qur’an Allah made some promises to man and made it clear that “Allah does not violate His promise”.

Muslims’ division as consequence of their ingratitude for the blessings of God has rendered them helpless in most of the places of world. Those who remain calm and composed and live their life peacefully are more satisfied.

In the Qur’an, Allah addresses the human directly. In Surah Al-Nisa, “O people, a proof has come to you from your Lord and We have sent down to you a clear light. “This means that the Qur’an is sent as a light in our dark life, but alas we are ignorant of this light. Allah has guided the whole life in the Qur’an, but alas we are unable to understand. And this negligence has made our life difficult.

Allah says that He loves man as much as 70 mothers. He is closer to the human vein. Yet, whenever a human being experiences hardship or grief, he goes to the unknown. He does not believe in what he says, do not despair, don’t be weak, do not be sad. And he goes so far as to end his life in this distance.

Why do we forget that he listens, he sees? In this regard, Allah promised in the Qur’an that I should answer your prayer. But ask yourself how many times you have called upon him after believing in Allah’s promise after having difficulty. We blindly believe in the resources of this world, but forget the promise of our Allah.

Allah created different shades of life and hid His essence in the same colors. When it comes to happiness, he likes to bend over and is happy to be patient when it is difficult. Allah created misery, hardship, failure in life so that man can turn to Allah and know that only He can overcome any difficulty that has come. That is why Allah promised that you will be given more than you thank Him for. He likes to be grateful because it is his patience that motivates humans to endure the greatest hardships.

In the same way, man-made Ashraf al-Mukhlokhat, but he remained helpless. He kept in His hand big things like sustenance, death so that humans could not rely on anything else. But human beings also have a strange nature. When it gets the power it becomes rebellious and disappointed when putting to the test.

It is a sad fact that today we are growing at an indifference. That is why the Muslim Ummah is facing problems all over the world. Concerning mutual agreement, Allah said in Surah Al-Imran, “All of you together hold the rope of Allah firmly and do not discriminate”. But today the Muslim Ummah is caught up in the sect of caste, sectarianism. Due to this division, Muslims in Kashmir, Palestine are having a difficult life. Indeed, we will not succeed in this world and the hereafter until we are united and believe in the promises of Allah.

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