Coronavirus – Here is an account of Chinese dietary habits

A red alert has been issued for the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide. The cause of the virus is being attributed to the dietary habits of Chinese. People around the world opine that Chinese people have put the whole world at great risk because of dishes they consume.

In this regard, it is important to examine what are the habits of the Chinese people that are different from other nations and the habits that have brought this nation to the brink of death today.

1: What do the Chinese eat?

It is said of the Chinese nation that this nation eats everything. And for that, they do not have the concept of halal and haram. Because of this, they eat everything, including snakes, bats, frogs, lizards, anything that can be eaten on the planet. At the same time, they have some dietary habits that are quite different from other nations of the world. Another important feature of the Chinese people’s dietary habits is that they also eat the portions of animal meat that other nations leave behind. As the intestines of animals eat. As well as animal nails, everything Chinese people use as a diet.

2: When do Chinese People Eat?

The Chinese nation is hasty and they are not inclined to give much time to their food. That is why they usually use foods that are ready in the shortest time or they are not persuaded to cook too much. The Chinese people eat three times a day, but they eat it on the go. Breakfast times are usually from seven in the morning to nine in the morning. But instead of sitting at the table, they eat on the buses or on the streets. This is also the case for those who have lunch on the road or at work instead of regular meals. Even when they have time for dinner, they still spend their days eating raw food.

3: How Chinese eat?

The Chinese people are very different in that they drink hot water or essential tea with every meal. And they believe that hot drinks can help digest food. In addition to this, one of the special things of the Chinese people is that they use chopsticks to eat everything and not eat with their own hands.

In addition, Chinese people use rice for their breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Each of their meals includes meat, noodles, as well as rice. And unlike other nations, Chinese eat dessert before eating anything, which is quite a different habit from other nations.

4: Chinese people’s habits and Coronavirus

These habits of the Chinese nation, which are different from others, face many dangers in this regard. Bacterial and bacterial growth rates are very high in their stomachs due to very hot drinks with food. In addition, the use of every animal’s meat in the form of meat certainly fulfills the nutritional needs of a large population of the Chinese nation but also puts them at risk as the Coronavirus is now spreading.

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