Economic growth without distributive justice breeds violence

It is a well-established fact that ‘Injustice breeds violence’. The notion of ‘Injustice’ commonly implies a person getting less than what he’s entitled to. We can find many a book penned down on how injustice scuttles down peace in a society. That’s why in almost every country of the World Justice is taken as an important pillar of the state. On international level as well, such treaties are promulgated and ratified that ensures Justice is meted out to people at large irrespective of their citizenship.

A country in the clutches of unjust distribution of economic wealth might however be window-dressed and claimed to be on the way of economic progress, but in reality it’s pushing into the abyss of the economic shambles.

Such rules and proclamations help in curbing the menace of injustice. Like many infamous villains, the monster of Injustice is also hydra-headed stymieing the progress of a society in every ambit. With delineation of the heads of injustice, it is ferreted out that ‘economic injustice’ is breeding violence the most in today’s World.

With revealing data about the compounding wealth of the entire World, one is bound to wonder how injustice is crippling the World in the economic sphere. Credible statistics evince the combined wealth of the World multiplying over the decades. Same statistics manifest number of the poor also growing over the time. What would be the answer to this dichotomy? Doesn’t it sound ironic that increased billions of dollars every year are juxtaposed with millions of people newly entered into the vicious circle of poverty?

The answer to this paradox lies in the unjust distribution of wealth in vogue in every society of the world. This cruel system widens the gap between the rich and the poor with every passing day. Instead of taking care of every segment of the society, the unjust system provides for the [already] privileged at the cost of the unprivileged. A country in the clutches of unjust distribution of economic wealth might however be window-dressed and claimed to be on the way of economic progress, but in reality it’s pushing into the abyss of the economic shambles.

The ubiquitous violence, growing conflicts, rising societal vices and depleting resources all point towards the perennial injustice in the World. The privileged, who are always on the taking end of the equation, have been keeping the status-quo intact for ages. Because, economic growth without distributive justice favor them the most. But among the privileged also, there are some who feel for the unprivileged and raise their voice intermittently against the unjust distributive system. One such sane voice is Bill Gates, the founder of ‘Gates and Gates Foundation’ and a well acquainted philanthropist. He is known for donating billions of dollars against plagues like Polio.

Gates was recently seen speaking against the prevalent economic system of the World. He said that the reward he got against his hard work was out of the proportion and insanely high and the same goes for every other entrepreneur. According to him the rich needs to be taxed more in order to bring equality in the society. But what’s happening in the present scenario is the other way around. The rich are getting tax rebates and concessions while the poor is paying hefty [indirect] taxes on almost everything. When the poor finds it hard to provide for his family, he would definitely have other ideas which could imperil the peace in society.

Pakistan is at a cross-roads today. After absorbing the aftershocks of the economic crunch and slowed down economic development, its economy is about to take off again. The growth rate fell to the range of 2-3% after touching 5-6%. Now, the economy is in the phase of slow recovery after a successful IMF program. The recovery time is the best to introduce reforms which ensure distribute justice. Till now, the PTI-led government has proven to be ‘the new boss, same as the old boss’. Its economic policies have hit the poor very hard and is taking a good care of the privileged ones.

The poor is now disgruntled more than ever before. Millions of people have entered into poverty line these past two years. Institution of the reforms which ensures the equal distribution of wealth among the masses is the need of the hour. So that when the economic stability arrives, it benefits the Pakistanis across the board.

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