Divorce highly condemnable but is in vogue

Marriage is a legal contract between male and female on their consent with free will under the sheltering umbrella of parents. It is a sacred blend of not only of two persons but of two families. They have to compromise on various controversies and accept each other with their flaws and differences.

Any mishandling of this sensitive relation can create a gulf between them and sometime concluding in breach between the parties tied in this agreement. The cycle of generation remains in continuations in result of this new patch up.

This ceremonial bond is almost an integral part of every religion. Only the difference in customs and religion makes it different in different culture. But Islam has its credit in formulating this union as a relation of love and credibility. Islam has also provided a way out in condition of miss adjustment but it is its ultimate remedy abhorred by Holy Prophet. It is the most detestable action in Islam. But unfortunately; the trend of divorce is rapidly up surging in our society. The worse is that it is usually demanded by girls who are ready for new match. Are these signs of day of doom? Are we going towards moral and ethical degradation and downfall?

Divorce although is halal but is highly condemnable act which has been asked to avoid in any case. To avoid divorce, the role of elders cannot be left behind. No matter how modern our society gets and however freedom we gain, divorce will always remain a despicable thing.

The multiple reasons of annulment of marriages are debatable but not justifiable. Underage marriages have been targeted by various schools of thought as a primary cause of early dissolution of marriages. But now this factor is in background and lot of new intrigue elements are prevailing. Rather it is taking the form of fashion to remarry. Only trivial and trifling matters become motive for breaking the strong bond of marriage. Not only in illiterate societies but also in most literate and civilized communities.

This curse is casting its heinous shades. Once it was a symbol of damnation for both the families. A rough calculation and various surveys highlight that more than 30 percent marriages are detached before two years without solid grounds. How poor!

Rapid influx of foreign elements and penetration of western culture through social media and other digital media added fuel to the fire. The destiny from Dish antenna to 4G technology has brought along with a lot of catastrophic tools for the Muslim culture. Diverse culture and amalgam of varied civilizations is creating new chances of breaking the old ideals of urbanity.

Our dramas have no other themes than displaying issue of second marriage and separation. These plays are hitting immature and teenage minds and they are badly influenced by such scenes. The young girls are not trained to understand the original meaning of marriage. They consider it the game of dolls. Social norms and traditional values of families are fading away and are being replaced by so-called modern and snobbish families. Great expectations in love marriages breed chaos and mental agony for both the partners. Dissolution of marriages in these cases is due to nonsupport of families on either side.

Last but not least is the job of female resulting in detachment of marriages. Girls having own income and working outside the home is formidable hurdle in appropriate proceeding of family matters and grooming the offspring. If both partners are in a job the situation becomes even intense for the young ones. In case of joblessness of male, the domination of female is natural one and instinct nature of male domination is pinched. He feels disgraced and degraded at each and every moment and consequently gets rid of this formal relation by saying good bye to this frail bond.

The earning woman is not reluctant to this break up. She prefers to live alone with her pay rather than her partner. The ratio of divorce of employed women is more than any other type of women. Sorry to say, there is no feeling of regret or remorse on either side.

Even the involvement of elders is equal to zero in case of reconciliation or resolving the issue. Such a minor differences result in extreme decision. Great expectations in love marriages breed chaos and mental agony for both the partners. Marriages outside the family create misunderstanding and consequently results in early break ups.

Fragmentation of family bond is expanding rapidly. Respect and dignity of relations have no existence in present social fiber. The glorious traditions of family ties seem to be ceasing now owing to early damages to newly built nests. Our media should revise its policy of dramatization of scenes of divorce.

It ought to discourage this trend by producing healthy and thought-provoking plays. The basic objective of literature should be kept in mind which propagates instructions and moral lesson to correct the inconsistent elements of society. Free flow of alien cultural absorption should be checked and media should be alert to this sensitive issue.

Even in Christianity, the process of disowning is not permitted in society except in some unavoidable circumstance. We all should play our positive role to convert houses into homes. The intelligentsia of our time must intervene and tackle the situation by writing against far-reaching consequences of this trend of divorce in society. It can undermine the social structure and then collapse the priceless moral standards of Islamic society. Let’s be aware of this grave issue in time otherwise every family will suffer it in case of nonchalance in handling this tense situation.

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