New year and US

Year to come or go … It doesn’t matter to us … the fate of all of us will continue to be the same …

It’s wrong that we learn from last year. For years we have stopped learning – now we know the only and the only way – on the paths that are already set for us.

Corruption, mixing, two numbers, deception, deception, lying to the poor and orphans, plundering everything to show off, betraying dishonesty instead of honesty. Of

We’re not looking for new ways. We are headed towards the time we want to take us – we are just becoming spectators.

Celebrating the New Year, opening fire and expressing their joy, ego and devotion by one-wheeling

Celebrating the show on all the big big days, including August 14, repeats the invitation of false love to the nation and the nation.

We have neglected our Islamic qualities too – on the big days, we can do nothing but show

Our words, our attitudes do not seem to show any improvement or even a cent of our desire – we are not even now. I am done and when a human being becomes one of us then it is all gone

It does not matter for him to change the year again – he just changes his clothes, his attitude, his sympathies, his support, and even his religion and faith on every watch.

People are probably starting to understand that happiness and promotion come automatically after the coming of the new year … but this is the mistake of all of us – the new year does not bring anything to anyone.

Man makes for himself – his present, his future, these years are just changing – If a year is worked hard with truth, honesty and dedication, then that year will see us prosperous for ourselves.

The seeds we sow every year, we see at the end of the year as good, good or bad or bad, so we must try to change our destiny with the year. Change the concept and commit to something new in the new year.

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