Thank You 2019

Every year comes with its own highs and lows and ends up with its own experiences. New Year is a motivation and the gone year is an experience. One has hope, other has a lesson, but remember nothing goes in vain. Even the pain, failure, nonacceptance, rejections, heartbreaks, breakdowns that we go through are not without a purpose. We all must have plenty of opportunities that we missed, and many unopened doors that we knocked really hard this year.

A year passes by with the same velocity. We bear and endure hardships and move on. Do you know, what is the best thing about life? It doesn’t stop, not even for the dead ones, then how can we expect it to be stopped once for the living beings. That means, we have to keep moving. A very good friend of mine once said, “You know what? It’s you who has taken a pause and have stopped moving, Earth is constantly revolving, and Sun is constantly rising, people work regularly. Which means you’re wasting your time.” There I go with lesson no 1:

Do Not Stop! Even if the path is vague and direction is not visible, when we keep heading towards it, it gets nearer at least. Is not it? I believe, we punish ourselves when we stop looking for direction after a failure because the fear of failure is so strong, and that we don’t want to feel it anyway when we feel it we try not to think about it further. We do not rebuild another dream in the result. Failure has both negative and positive outcomes, we need to utilize it rightly.

This year was an entirely new journey of falling apart and rising again. Lesson no 2:

Karma Does Exist! Those who have hurt you will come back to you. At that time we become too stiff to forgive and forget. What exactly should we do then? A very close friend said, Let it go! Let’s accept that they showed the courage to come and accept their mistakes. This time you need to let it go completely. Don’t hold, and anger.

Writing this piece, sitting in front of the heater, having a cup of tea in my hand, completely cozy environment is giving me a very positive, gratified vibe already, do you know why? Because I am writing my words. Lesson no 3 comes from here.

Do Not Hold Your Words/Emotions Back! Holding back words and emotions spell disaster inside. We have heard many people took their lives due to depression this year. Probably, when they needed someone to talk, nobody understood them. It is significant to speak up, to communicate your inner to someone who understands you. I focus on who understands. Otherwise, your words would waste, you will feel worthless. This generated my lesson no 4

Stay Away From Negativity! I have been scrutinizing and practicing it for years yet not able to implement it in life. This is the most prerequisite learning. We keep on leaning to negative people, we become negative ourselves. Power of thought either negative or positive dwells deep down in mind. The toxin can be anyone your closest friend, family member, loved one. Stay Away!

Putting this year in a nutshell I will not say, “Do not lose hope or don’t despair” kind of bogus statements because we all are humans. We go through different ups and downs, and its life with steep and slight curves. Do everything with pure will, and hard work. Later, expect nothing out of it. Having said that, failure is a failure because we expect to win. Failure is not a failure when we keep sticking to every other possibility of achieving.

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  1. Mah e Nao says

    Dear Amna!

    We are imbibing all the beautiful lessons from this lovely piece of writing.
    keep writing.

  2. Amna Ali says

    Thank You mah. You are such a positive ray of hope and compassion.

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