Netflix’s new series: “The Messiah”

As soon as Netflix released the trailer of their popular new series “The Messiah” dajjal was trending number one on Pakistani twitter. Majority of the people seemed horrified and apparently reciting and sharing Surah Kahf as if dajjal or the Antichrist is finally here.

Netflix obviously is preparing everyone for his arrival. We here in Pakistan also seem to get conscious when our state is surrounded by a number of issues. One can observe how a Netflix series can spark a big debate in Pakistan.

Many media analysts, critics and conspiracy theorists have focused on how the media is constantly bringing “one eye ” in their shows. Cartoons and Disney movies are full of symbolism. Popular cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Teen Titans and so many more have shown at least once the worshiping of this false god. Media analysts have even stressed that one dollar bill shows the pyramid and an eye, signifying that the world economy is also controlled by people who control the media. This resemblance is extraordinary even astonishing.

“It is said that there is no fitnah greater than the fitnah of dajjal; therefore, Muslims are told to avoid him completely and memorize the first ten verses of Surah Kahf to save themselves. It’s no doubt that we are living in times with extraordinary developments.”

The popular documentary “The Arrivals” very clearly and deeply explains how the constant symbolism is bombarded on the young minds without them even knowing. While statements like this were often discarded as “foolish ” and “wrongful thinking.”

Through preparation and launching of “The Messiah” series, forceful media is actually thrusting their version of reality into people’s mind. The messiah trailer stars actor “Mehdi Dehbi” as the anti-Christ who will fool the world into thinking he is Jesus (A.S).

Many Islamic scholars have stated that he will have with him one “heaven” and one “hell”. Those who will side with him will enter his heaven and those who do not will enter hell. But actually if you side with him, his “heaven” is actually hell and his hell is heaven.

He will deceive people and majority of his followers will be women. He will claim to be god and will easily dupe many a human beings. It is said that there is no fitnah greater than the fitnah of dajjal.

It is highly advisable not to fall for any such fitnah which keeps us away from reality. Muslims are told to avoid him completely and memories the first ten verses of Surah Kahf to save themselves. It is no doubt that we are living in a very complicated time with so much propaganda around us.

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