Greed unbound: Doctors interested in strikes than providing health facilities

Doctors are supposed to save lives of people. Under every circumstances, they must act as humanity lovers than as a problem creators. Unfortunately, this principle is only followed in foreign countries and not in our country.

In Pakistan, what doctors desire the most is only to earn and loot the money from patients; patients are treated as their customers. If the patients are having a low fever, they ask them for going through unnecessary check-ups. So, that they could earn money. Some wicked doctors have stricken deal with the laboratories. Also, they refer patients to go through unnecessary lab tests and in return, doctors are offered 25-30% commission for that act.

Their business is to strike deals with medical ramp local companies. Most of the greedy doctors prescribe patients to buy their own affiliated local medical companies’ medicines which can only be purchased in their stores. They earn profit from their stores as well as from local medical companies. These companies offer them luxurious needs (cars, renovation of clinics, their homes, and tickets for excursions) and then doctors fall prey to greediness and jeopardize the lives of their patients.

Their act of accumulating the money for endless desires would never end unless immediate action is taken against them. Here it is better to call them cruel profiteers rather than the savior of humanity.

I had little uneasiness and fever so I felt better to go to a government hospital for checkup but there I found the to be doctor very unresponsive, without asking about health and checking the basic requirement, he just filled the paper with high dosage antibiotics and then handed over to me, I asked him “why he was so unresponsive”. He replied if I had any problem, I should go to private clinics, He was also running a private clinic that’s why he didn’t use to be responsive at a government hospital as compared to their private clinics. Then my friend tried to explain to me that, in private clinics, they only know the language of money which has the strongest communication skills that’s why the doctor was suggesting going there.

In rural areas’ people can’t distinguish between a trained and untrained practitioner. It is too dangerous to get injected by these untrained practitioners and is risky either they might get severe pain in arms or might lose their precious arms.

These untrained practitioners are hired only because they only expect a very low salary compared to trained practitioners. A practitioner must go under a short training before using an injection on patients, and a doctor must take care and restrict the reuse of injection.

In most of the health facilities, the reuse of injections is preferred as patients can’t afford to buy new injections, they prefer to get that used injection. Even doctors are well aware of the disastrous consequences of using reusable unsafe injections but they don’t abstain from it. Numerous contagious diseases can be transferred by that.

Besides, there are honest doctors too, who even risk their lives to save the lives of patients, their passion is admirable, they must be adored.

So, It’s a humble request to the honorable worthy Prime Minister and Minister of Health that the action must be taken against these private health facilities and reform the Government Hospitals by making strict rules monitoring on staff and banning RUP injections.

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  1. Adv.khadam Hussain padda says

    Brother, Doctors are fighting currently for the rights of patients. Government is going to privatize hospitals that means patient has to pay bunddles of money instead of free treatment. Blame govt. this time because Khan only wanted to loot this country by all sides.
    Moreover, doctors are creem of this country because only topper got admission. But you can clear see that they have less authorities than a clerk.
    bander kya janny aderk ka suwadd.

  2. Zulqurnain says

    A bs student has no right to make an article of a situation he is unaware. if you had true knowledge of this situation you would have never said such atrocities

  3. murli says

    Here in Canada, as per emergency services act, doctors, cops, and nurses are not allowed to strike. This is the case all over the developed world. Pakistan should do something similar.

  4. Mohammad Ali says

    Dear Adv Khadam Hussain Pada and Zulqarnain!. I agree with both of you, perhaps you might be right.
    Actually, it has been exaggerated by adding the headline of strike as it was not supposed to.
    Hope, you haven’t read the article. There is no mention of strike anywhere.
    It is written on general purpose.
    You must have been through these mentioned stages, if not then soon will encounter.

    Thanks for your precious feedback.

  5. ABZ says

    No one in the country wants to be reformed yet we want change. I wonder how govt is paying them if they are on strike. Just fire them off and enrol new ones

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