Resurgence of Tourism in Pakistan under PTI

With an obvious improvement in the law and order situation and a stark decrease in militant activities, Pakistan is experiencing a gradual surge in the domain of international tourism. The revival is further facilitated by the relaxation of visa policies by the government. Since the earlier part of the year, the state has begun granting e-visas to people from 175 states, within a time-frame of a week to ten working days. Business visas are also being provided to travelers from 98 states as a part of the new visa policies.

From international travelers to food bloggers, the recent months saw an influx of influencers from across the world into the land of the pure. Apart from the northern and tribal areas, the area surrounding Gwadar also witnessed an increase in tourist activity due to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Besides, China has the greatest amount of people undertaking international tourism.

Pakistan is also home to six locations that are declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. These sites should be showcased properly in order to further improve the tourist inflow.

Therefore, countries particularly focus on appealing visitors from China. Although the infrastructural inadequacy and security lapses were a major roadblock in this regard, yet CPEC is playing a major role in salvaging the situation. As a part of the plan, the Karakoram Highway, the passage connecting Pakistan with China, will also be expanded. The project will help in boosting the tourism economy and improve the soft image of Pakistan across the world.

The latest factor facilitating this matter has been the royal visit of the Duke and the Duchess. They also visited Gilgit-Baltistan region which is considered the most preferred tourist attraction in the state. Annually, more than a couple of million tourists visit the north of the country. In addition, the arrangement of a travel avenue has also been in order in the valley of Kashmir.

Similarly, the administration of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province is planning to induct new settings for national and foreign tourists. However, as the strategy to bring about new attractions is under way, the province also plans to increase the relatively unnoticed domain of religious tourism in the country. Restoration of over three thousand holy Buddhist sites as well as historic memorials of the British era located in the province is thus underway. Development of such sacred areas is expected to attract foreign visitors from China, South Korea and the rest of East Asia. The provincial establishment has lately brought about a mobile application for promoting tourist activities in the area.

Likewise, the government of Punjab has charted twenty zones for development as a part of its plan to augment tourism. The government plans to bring the tourism sector in the country in harmony with the global standards. Pakistan is endowed with cultural as well as topographical diversity. Such multiplicity is allowing the country to turn into a global tourist attraction.

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    “Resurgence Of Tourism In Pakistan Under PTI”
    Progress towards Tourism Industry in Pakistan is among one of the very few welcome steps for the prosperity of Pakistan. In Shaa Allah, with all these new initiatives, Pakistan will bring back Prosperous Era of 1960’s, very soon.

  2. M Saleem A Rahman says

    Local tourism has jumped manifold as witnessed this year in summer. People think going to the northern areas mountains is tourism , whereas there are lots of places throughout Pakistan which can be visited like in Sindh, Baluchistan, Bahawalpur and many other places. Anyway good steps are being taken by the government to promote tourism in the country . We hope the infrastructure will be improved with still better roads to far off places with adequate hotels and motels providing short , overnight stay and clean washrooms.

  3. Muhammad Sakhawat says

    Pakistan was a well-known country for tourism in the 1970s. At that time, visitors from many western countries came to Pakistan, who traveled to Nepal and India via the Swat Valley and Kashmir Valley. However, the industry has been badly affected by instability and terrorism incidents in the country. Glad to see improvements.

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