Kashmir: A Walk in Paradise

Pakistan has been rewarded with countless blessings, whereas Kashmir has been one of the most controversial yet beautiful places in the world. One cannot justify the beauty of this place until they experience the bliss with their own eyes, so I am going to narrate the story of my most beautiful voyage to the worldly paradise called Kashmir.

Having my excitement already at the zenith from the erstwhile tour of the Neelam valley, I decided to bless myself with the breeze of Jhelum Valley in the Azad Kashmir Pakistan this time. My story starts from Muzaffarabad where after just mere hours of travelling from the Muzaffarabad towards my destination, I took a break to taste the famous Kashmiri “Kushtaba” dish which had marinated meat balls into the rice enriching its mild spices with my taste buds. To even take a shot at describing the toothsome taste of this unique dish is injustice to it.

Photo description: Main Road view of Muzaffarabad City

Photo description: Famous Kashmiri Dish “Kushtaba”

Feasting on one of the most delightful food you can get in Kashmir, I resumed my unaccomplished journey around noon under the warm sun shying behind the clouds. Not just the sky, not only the food, not only the blistering journey but the people of Kashmir were so amicable that when I decided to buy some fruit to keep my appetite conscious of the beauty I was having around, the Kashmiri vendor did not charge even a single penny and gifted them as a gesture of brotherhood and love towards us.
Listening to the snarling waterfall of Chinari sky-rocketed my impatience and made me want to just instantly transmit to my destination but they say real fun lies in the journey, which exactly happened to me when a young boy gently asked for a lift saying, “Bhai, mujhay Hadianwala jana hai. Kya aap mujhay chor dein gay?” Now, I had some unexpected and frivolous company which just cemented the saying, “the more, the merrier”. His name was Mubeen and he was a student of intermediate from Hadianwala. We shared few laughs and our experiences when he told me that he is a Muhajir and lives at Muhajir camp. He showed me his house and offered tea and talked about the survival of his family in the valley, which honestly was way too heart-wrenching despite being in the world’s most beautiful place. He was so gracious that he decided to accompany me till my destination and I couldn’t even thought about saying no to such a warm person.

We both reached a bridge skirted by monstrous, lush and cold mountains. It’s a view I can never forget and explain in words. My eyes were smiling and heart was crying to have this breath-taking opportunity to be standing where peace blew from North to the beauty of South. Mubeen, pointed towards the right introducing me with my heavenly desired place.
Now, I will let my pictures speak for myself while I take a break along with you to look at these astounding landscapes.

photo description: Qaid e Azam Shahra towards Jhelum Valley

photo description: Shahra e Qaid E Azam

photo description: Hadian Wala Village view from Top

photo description: Muhajir Camps view from top sight Hadian Wala Village

photo description: while return from Hadian Wala Village

photo description: Beautiful view of Jhelum Valley

photo description: Chinari Bridge view

photo description: Chinari Water Fall view from Chinari Bridge

photo description: People mesmerizing the freshness of Chinari Water Fall

photo description: close view of water fall

photo description: A boy sitting on rock side of water fall

photo description: Cop has revoked to go beyond at Chakhoti
I felt at the moment that it was the thing I was born to witness. The waterfall producing its own symphony like Mozart shed tiny drops of water on my face. The single touch of each cold drop scorched a fire of travelling for me. It made me want to explore the whole world, watch every nook and crook like this and get laid down in these soothing and lush sceneries. I, myself, along with locals enjoyed the madness of this waterfall and thanked Allah for such a beautiful gift to the mankind.
Amir Khusrou said once while visiting Kashmir
Farsi Couplet,
“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameenast,
Hameenast-o hameenast-o hameenast.”
It means, “If there is a paradise on earth, It is this, it is this, it is this”.
Even the apple I was eating, sitting on the rock while being lost in the waterfall, tasted like it has freshly come from the paradise. Locals were selling pakoras, burgers and other food items around us but I had other plans which included another stop to the Chakothi which was just few kilometers away from this serenity. But, my destination ended when few police officials did not let us advance owing to security measures.

Looking at this heaven left a mixture of euphoric and melancholic feelings in my heart. Despite, being such a grand beautiful valley with kindhearted people, it has been part of a never-ending controversy for so many decades. I hope Kashmir regains its status and shine brighter than ever before this world.



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