Exploring The Exquisite Sights Of Turkey

I always used to get fascinated by the popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Being a passionate traveler, the infusion of different cultures in Turkey, the historical timeline of Istanbul and its modern influences, the exquisite beaches of Antalya and Alanya, the magical landscape of Cappadocia and much more had been irresistible for me to visit. I yearned to travel to the place since my childhood. Last year, finally, my cousin and I planned a trip to Turkey.

We did not want to get into the fuss of getting our tickets booked, worrying about accommodation in suitable regions and other arrangements. Therefore, we planned to find a good and reputable travel agent company that could organize our trip and could make things convenient for us. Initially, we found difficulties in finding the right tour guides because we had to keep a number of things under consideration.

The first thing was our parents’ concern to find some safe family travel guides that could offer us a feasible and congenial stay in Turkey. Secondly, since we both were students and had a limited budget, we wanted to choose an economical package because we did not want to get bankrupted afterward. Our third main concern was to cover as much tourist destinations of Turkey as possible. Finally, after a lot of research we found a suitable travel company that fulfilled our requirements.

The Beginning of Our Journey

It was 15th August, 2018 when we left Lahore and landed to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Our trip was planned by Meezab Air Travel Company. It was a 6 days trip and the main city that we were supposed to visit was Istanbul. On the first night over there, we enjoyed cruise dinner with live entertainment.

We were given comfortable, homely and safe hotel rooms where we felt relaxed. Next day, we went for the tour of old city and visited many historical spots. Rumelihisarı Castle is a must visit place. On the same day, we visited different museums including the Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace Museum.

Food Items That You Must Try in Turkey

During our entire stay in Istanbul, we tried a new food item every day. I loved the Turkish Cuisines. If you ever plan to visit Turkey, you must try their famous Iskender Kebab, Balık Ekmek and Kumpir. These three are among my most favorite scrumptious Turkish dishes.

Also, if you are a fan of desserts like me then you should not forget to try Baklava, Kunefe and other famous Turkish delights. In the end, we used to have the special Turkish Tea that was served in delicate and curved glass cups.

Places You Should Not Miss Visiting

We also visited the Princes’ Island which is basically a cluster of nine islands together in the south-eastern side of Istanbul. Then we had a full day tour to Bursa City that is located in the north-western side of Turkey. It is a beautiful place to visit indeed. Talking about all these places makes me feel nostalgic. We also paid a visit to the tomb of Hazrat Ayub Ansari, Bosphorus Bridge, and Camilca Hill. Camilca Hill is among the most beautiful hills of Turkey that you must not miss visiting. We also did a lot of shopping from Taksim Square for our friends and family!

It was a short trip of 6 days but we really enjoyed our stay over there and covered enough tourist destinations. Next time we would plan to visit Cappadocia and Antalya soon. I think everybody should plan to travel to Turkey since it is a great place to visit. It is a famous saying that “the gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands” and I think there is nothing wrong in it. You should also specify some of your budget to plan these kinds of trips; they put a very positive impact on your life and are actually worth-while.


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  1. Asad Hanif says

    Wow! That looks simply stunning. I’m so desperate to visit Istanbul and the rest of Turkey too, the architecture there is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    1. Gamze says

      You would love to see Sumela Monastry in Trabzon then. They are about to make it a UNESCO heritage listed building. Eastern Black Sea of Turkey is really amazing for its nature mostly and not discovered by many tourists yet.

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