PTI’s 23 Years Of Struggle

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a political movement for justice (insaf) was founded by Pakistani cricketer, winner of 1992 world cup, philanthropist and social activist Imran khan on 25th April 1996 in Zaman Park Lahore. Everywhere in the civilized world and democratic society there are Political parties which fill the gap between citizens and government. Political parties are playing important and decisive role in creating awareness in citizen about their rights and educate them how to get their due rights and demands.

Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947 it has been unsuccessful to establish political parties system in the country. Independent Act of 1947 gave powers to constituent assemblies in order to develop political and democratic culture in new born Pakistan. But unfortunately, due to khanism, Nawabism and feduals culture it failed to evolve Political and democratic culture in Pakistan. So in consequences Political parties remained very weak as a result democratic culture was not fully developed. It gave opportunities to Military Generals to run the affairs of state, so major portion of the time Pakistan remained under Military dictatorship.

In such time PTI started as a movement for justice and to create awareness about state responsibilities in health, education, civic, welfare, and freedom of expression, employment, religious coherence, interfaith harmony and equal taxation system in Pakistan. It concentrated on social and Political development in Pakistan. PTI is committed to Political stability in Pakistan through credible democracy, transparency in government and accountability of leadership.

PTI believes in Federation and functional autonomy of the provinces. Its main objective is the establishment of a welfare state where people should have political freedom, economic opportunities and social justice. PTI believes on social and economic justice in the country where each and every citizen has access to all basic human needs and rights. PTI is the only political party which is against establishment. In Pakistan every political party came into power by shaking hands with the establishment so, it is difficult to bring change in the country. PTI based on simple and progressive ideology and believes on public support and strength. It will continue its struggle for new Pakistan to break status-quo.

PTI after emergence in 1996 started working with 6 members’ central executive committee under the leadership of Imran khan. PTI participated in 1997 general election as a newly born party, although PTI failed to win a single seat in general election but Imran khan proved that PTI is alternative for Pakistani nation against PML and PPP. PTI in first election of its childhood showed that in future PTI can be a third face against ruling parties. In 2002 general election PTI for second time participated in General election and won one seat of National assembly by Imran Khan from Mianwali and one seat in KP assembly by Nasir Gul from Karak. PTI boycotted 2008 General election on 18th February 2008. PTI observed 24Th November, 2017 as Hunger Day to show solidarity with suspended Judges by Dictator Pervez Musharraf. PTI boycott General Election of 2018 on account of to oppose the decisions of Dictator Pervez Musharraf especially the introduction of NRO (National Reconciliation ordinance).

30 October 2011 Lahore Jalsa where crowd of millions gathered changed the popularity graph of PTI. PTI enjoyed a sharp popularity across the country. In 2013 General election PTI participated for third time and emerged as a 3rd largest Political power in the country; first biggest in KP and second in Punjab. In KP province PTI formed a coalition government under the leadership of Pervez Khattak as CM KP. PTI first dharna against NATO Supply and drone strike was observed in Peshawar from 24 November, 2013 to 26 February 2014. In 2013 General Election PTI blamed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for massive alleged of rigging demand for free, fair and transparent investigation of 4 constituencies of NA 57, NA 110, NA122 and NA 125.  Imran khan asked for recounting of others 25 constituencies of the national assembly of Pakistan. PTI Research wing prepared a book of 2100 pages to prove that election of 2013 was rigged. PTI used all accessible sources to draw the attention of the Election commission of Pakistan toward rigging in election. Imran Khan argued that Supreme Court the leading Judiciary body of the country should take notice of the result. After disappointment from all legal forum PTI officially announced on 22 April 2014 to start their movement against rigged election. Protest rallies were held in all cities of Punjab and Islamabad. Later on PTI announced Dharna in Islamabad on 14 August 2014.

PTI popularity increasing day by day. The main point of PTI popularity is PTI increased appeal on Public discourse on corruption, nature of politics, democratic norms in Political parties of Pakistan, youth participation and social media role in political activities. In Pakistan political parties are personalized and personalization power is synonymous with political parties. Due to personalization of the parties there is less opportunities for democratic culture inside parties so, Pakistani political parties seem to be tribal and culture oriented groups rather than Political parties.

In 18th amendment Political parties removed a sub Clause of Intra party elections from constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan. As these Political parties were not interested to develop new leadership and empowerment of grass root level workers. In contrast PTI announced to held intra party election on popular vote from UC level to Center. Consequently, hope that Intra party election will bring new energetic and ideological leadership in PTI files in ranks. Youth played a significant role in promoting PTI agenda and ideology.

In Previous year General election of 2018, PTI emerged as the largest part in the National assembly and in KP and Punjab assemblies’ respectively. PTI formed central government under the leadership of Imran Khan as 22th Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In KP Assembly PTI secured dominate position and formed their own provincial government under Mahmood Khan as CM of KP, while in Punjab and Balochistan PTI formed their coalition governments. These give a new turn to PTI, by becoming most favorite and the largest party with total 16.8 million votes in GE of 2018.

PTI under the charismatic leadership of Imran Khan working on the revolutionary programme to convert PTI into an Institute and in this regards second constitution of the party will be announced on 1st May 2019 aimed to capture mind and heart of the Public. This new constitution of the party will not only bring revolution inside the PTI but will also in other political parties and hope that the Political culture of Pakistani political parties will be changed. Only PTI can play a role in the transition from culture and tribal norms based political system to a democratic norms and value in coming day’s Pakistani democracy will be more responsive, accountable and fair to the people because of the struggle of PTI youth and Imran khan.

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