‘Chap Soy’ sounds weird, but this pure organically prepared Desi style food can be found in the mountains of scenic Hunza Valley

As Pakistani we know that food is our weak point especially when it comes to Desi ingredients used with unique recipes. But here you’ll find all organic without any preservatives plus with the beautiful scenery on top as well which is irresistible.

While my tour to Hunza with university fellows we encountered something very rare to be found in the northern areas of Pakistan. Stereotypically running roadside café or a restaurant suits men only. Especially in a place like Hunza which was once an isolated region of Pakistan where we found a road side café run by two of the ladies.

A road side café named as “Hunza Food Pavilion” a traditional food hub run by two Women in Karim Abaad bazaar Hunza. Using ‘Organic’ means nothing artificial from oil used for frying to the ketchup we dip in to make our taste bud receptors shut. These are not the regular dishes we are talking about which we mostly eat in restaurants or homes, but the Desi Ingredients used to prepare International style cuisine is a kind of an art I think those ladies had.

While wandering on the streets of Hunza I tasted a dish ‘Chap Soy’ (which was lentil stuffed flatbread with unique taste using different Masalas and fried in organically  extracted walnut oil), the name sounds weird but people were going crazy to have it. There I met these ladies who also told us some impelling stories about Hunza Valley. The lady over there preparing Desi organic cuisine told us she was sent on a program by the government for learning organically prepared food items and food processing to Japan, and after coming back from there she taught it to 1000 students voluntarily in Hunza.

The dishes that café included were Pancakes, Chap Soy Pizza and others.

There are also some interesting facts we got to know from those ladies about Hunza Valley. That you will never see a beggar in Hunza because people their believe to help each other for the sake of humanity, other interesting facts were that the crime rate in Hunza is almost zero so you can roam freely there although the literacy rate of Hunza is believed to be 70 %.

People there have assigned themselves voluntarily to clean their environment every day, and they don’t hire maids even for home chores. They believe that keeping environment clean is there responsibility not only of Governments. I even heard from one of my colleague that once they were in Hunza they threw a wrapper on road on seeing which an old man came to him and said: “Thanks for coming to Hunza but next time you shouldn’t come here if you can’t leave this habit of littering of yours.” Although the comment was very rude but it made my colleague a responsible citizen after coming back from his tour to Hunza.

In cities people are now more after making money rather being a true human, we are like running in a race without realizing that how much damage we’ve caused to our environment. Hunza has not only mesmerized us with its beauty but also taught us to be liable and responsible towards our country.

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