One In A million

Before I start with the introduction, I’m? I would like to begin with the cause, why I write.”

I never had struggle figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I decided in my early age that I was going to be a writer. In high school, I began to write short stories and articles for the magazines and blogs. I gradually stopped my extra-curricular activities, including music and sports, and chose to write instead. I loved the idea of creating stories; of being able to write fiction and narrate people’s lives. Some people write to endure pain, and others write to speak their conscience but I want to write stories about people like us, I don’t want to preach. I just want to write good honest stories. Stories everyone can relate to, stories that must not die.

The Exploration

Hazrat Ali (A.S) said, “Life is too short to learn all the knowledge which you find attractive, so learn what inspires you, only what inspires you. In our life, a day must come when we realize what our passion is, whether it’s singing, dancing, painting or writing. The best method for self exploration is to let go all the favorite hobbies, skills and talent but you can only keep one. The one that stays is special. Do it with passion or not at all.

The Mocking

Living in a society where writing is considered to be an underpaid career. I did face some troubles choosing to graduate in English literature. I knew in heart what needed to be done. I just couldn’t find the strength in myself to go through twitting and mocking. Too many hands had let me down, when I was expecting them to lift me up and that had made me trust in myself a little less, but it has made me who I’m now.

The Courage

As it was often said to me, choose a career for money. I got admission in BBA (Bachelors in business administration) I was urged to decide BBA as a career and writing as an avocation. Lastly, it all boils down to what are the career goals and aspirations. I always believed I’m a born writer. The ultimate goal of my life is to become an author. Something inside me knew, nothing can hold me except writing. All I needed was to inhale the courage and exhale the fear of being odium.

The Attitude

I believe I’m one in a million. I once asked my friend, “How I write?” she replied, “You are a good writer.” I said confidently, “I’m not only good, I’m one in a million.” She didn’t say a word but her expressions answered, “Who do you think you are? Are you the son of F. Scott Fitzgerald or brother of John green?” The question is why this attitude when you are probably nothing. I wrote a novelette and it didn’t get published. It felt bad, but what I learnt from it not getting published is; the world wants to see something extraordinary. To write something extraordinary, you’ve to believe you are more than ordinary.

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  1. Gulafshan says

    Ayyaz i am extremely happy for you seriously have no words to express my khushi

  2. Umair Nadeem says

    Brother your experience is brillian you are done that’s you really wanted. May Allah fulfill your dream. You are really one in a million but stuck to it and never give up

  3. Sidra Aliya Sajid says

    May ALLAH bless u

  4. Amna Ali says

    I am enthralled to read this beautiful piece of writing. Totally impressed the way you’ve written down your thoughts and molded them into words and gave them existence. Keep shining and keep writing. This pen must never been stopped. It can do miracles and wonders by words. More power to you..

  5. Tyrion lannister says

    Never forget what you are the rest of world will not.
    Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

  6. Asad says

    Keep writing And Keep shining..And I loved it

  7. Ammar says

    Great Bro I loved It

  8. Waseem says

    Would love to read more of you, One in a million.

  9. Mind it Khan says

    lol…………………lol…………………………….lol……………………. I am not crying at the writer but the rest giving some kind of paid replys….. most of the time an idiot not die untill and unless having companions like you all. Never Mind

  10. Fatima Ali says

    This is really inspiring. “The best method for self exploration is to let go all the favorite hobbies, skills and talent but you can only keep one. The one that stays is special.” I second you. Once you do something, not made for you just waste your time and courage. Keep writing as you are ONE in a Million. You are extraordinary as you are being created by an Extraordinary GOD

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