US War: A Salutary Lesson For Pakistan

It is an undeniable fact that the highhanded and repressive approaches employed by US against Terrorism have rather exacerbated the unrelenting waves of Terror. It is quite ironic that the United States nevertheless at the same time flatters itself to be the sole guardian and advocate of liberal values and democratic order throughout the world. Finding Terror rhetoric an appealing pretext couple with its successful international outreach to muster international sympathy against various terror incidents particularly the 9/11, the US given its hegemonic and unmatched international stature has virtually succeeded in molding national and international public opinion towards its policies despotic to an extent that it warrant swift military intervention in any part of the world at the slightest spectre of militant threat to its national security and also to the world at large if the earlier rationale fails to entice its allies to put their feet in its blood-clogged war boots. The United States palpable and criminal disregard of Human rights and its excessive reliance on military means unleashed humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale.

A 360 degree radical departure from the humanitarian values it espouses and boasts about and an utter disdain for an international laws and norms were manifestly reflected in numerous US military actions in Iraq, Vietnam, and Syria and in Afghanistan following the dreadful twin tower terror bombing. Since the spate of violence recklessly triggered under the pretext of countering terrorism brought nothing significant but more death, destruction and darkness, the civil and security establishment of Pakistan grappling to suppress the bugbears of extremism and terrorism is in dire need of conducting a comprehensive review of the policies they have so far adopted and implemented in this regard. They need to critically evaluate whether extra constitutional arrangement such as the establishment of Military courts could serve better or the spearheading of much-delayed judicial reform, the promulgation of Laws like Tahafuz Pakistan, Anti-Terror and Cyber Crime Act (alleged by many right activists or independent legal experts as oppressive and hence should be revised) could assist more than to employ the legal recourse that protects rights promised to citizens of Pakistan no matter how much the circumstances appear extraordinary and grim. Be it the gruesome terror attack at the army public school or the ferocious bleeding of the innocent blood of devotees gathered to pay homage to their spiritual Sufi mystic, whatsoever damage mercilessly raged by these violent elements it must not prod us to an extent that our defensive and retaliatory action becomes suppressive, reactionary and devoid of law. Therefore if we are to win this decisive war and avoid toeing the US self-defeating line, the use of military might must be scrupulously exercised and all military operations including Radal ul Fasad, Combing and Zarb-e-Azab, must not fall short of civilian and judicial oversight. The War is no more a discrete exercise it has rather become more complex, hybrid and crooked in practice. It could no more be won without unflinching nation support and nation resolve. Thus any war regardless of how much its motive remains legitimate and lawful it should not in any way compromise human rights and civil liberties.

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