Why Drew Binsky Says I love Pakistan

Drew Binsky is the US based famous travel Vlogger (the person who uploaded short informative video clips on daily basis), he visited almost 140 plus countries (because of his aim to tour all the global village before turning 30 years old) by using different travel deals. He grew up in Sunny Scottsdale and completed graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in economics and entrepreneurship. Now he works as a travel blogger, video maker and content creator by sharing work with other people on social media like, You-tube, Face-book for inspiring adult from travelling and become very popular in early life due to it.

In March he visited Pakistan and sums up about our home-land that Pakistan is most hospitable country as from the others he has visited so far and he also confessed in his video during stay in our country that the people of this country are very altruistic (generous) towards him. He didn’t used a single penny (rupees) because the people of this land offered him food and even provide transportation without any cost. In other video he also showed his love for Pakistan by using the words “Pakistan becomes one of my favorite countries”

The main purpose to visit Pakistan is to remove the negative stereotypes. When Drew visited the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other northern areas of Pakistan he become the victim of our vibrant culture, traditions, varieties of delicious food and most important the hospitable nature of Pakistanis. The pure land convinced him to promise that he will come to visit again.

The most surprising news, Drew is ever first foreigner who traveled to Azad Kashmir without any permit. He speak-up on the history of Kashmir and share its beauty through his inner eyes. He even said that it is one of the most charming blissful places that God has created in this universe. In one more video he said, “Along with Iran, Pakistan is the world’s most misconceived and misunderstood country. If you’ve ever been here, then you’ll know…”

Country’s travel policies attract tourists from all around the world. Many Travel bloggers are helping to make a positive canvas of Pakistan at the global level through their travel videos and statements. This is great pride for all the Pakistanis that Drew Binsky came to our country for visiting. Even he promises to the people that, once again in life he will come soon. It’s really great news for all the Pakistanis. Faremakers.com appreciates those people, who love Pakistan and we always welcome all outsiders with respect. Because we are the peaceful nation.

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