Pulwama Attack – India Knows What Is Coming…

Pulwama attack was a big attack in the history of Kashmir and it has some serious consequences for India. As we seen a suicide attacker used a car with heavy explosive material and exploded his car with India CRPF’s bus. More than 40 personnel lost their lives while many got serious injuries.

The attacker was a Kashmiri guy; he spent his whole life in Kashmir and faced all circumstances which took place from his birth to death. As per some reports and the family members, the attacker had been humiliated once by India forces so he took revenge from Army.

It was a very unique kind of attack which had never been seen in Kashmir before although the world have seen such planned suicide attacks in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and some other countries which are facing and some have faced a proper war.

It is true, in recent few years Indian forces have done a brutal crackdown against innocent Kashmiris. Thousands of people have been killed since 1989, hundreds of people faced serious injuries, lost their houses, lost their family members, faced brutal rapes of their sisters and mothers, hundreds of people lost their lives in jails, faced inhuman kind of torture, forced to leave Kashmir, Indian forces used pellet guns against protestors and hundreds of people have lost their vision.

We can say that it is a long story behind revenge from Indian forces, but this time something went different and created panic in Indian forces.  This time the attacker Adil Ahmad Dar used a car for attack, he used more than 350 kg explosive materials. Before attack he recorded his video statements and then killed 40 personnel.

Here we see why India and other power are so worried after the Pulwama attack. First, Adil Ahmad Dar was a Kashmiri boy; he joined Jaish-e-Mohammed but which group that is not sure. Second, Adil used car for attack same like we have seen in Syria, Afghanistan and some other countries. Third, Adil recorded his video statement before attack, same like we have watched in different attacks of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and some other countries. Fourth, Adil used some automatic guns in his confessional video statement which showed that his group has very new technology in weapons. He used a flag in his video same style we have seen in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and some other countries where Jihadi groups fought against American interests.

First time in the history of Kashmir a suicide attack took place and attacker claimed responsibility through a confessional video statement. The attacker talked about the establishment of Islamic state in Kashmir, he spoke that they will establish Islamic system in Kashmir, he didn’t talk about Pakistan and independence of Kashmir, he was talking about Islam, revenge and Islamic system in Kashmir and no one was expecting such confessional video as received after attack. Although, in past we have watched many confessional videos but those were about the independence of Kashmir not about the establishment of Islamic society in Kashmir.

Everything in video was linked with something new which had taken place in Kashmir. The suicide attack was similar with attacks of Taliban and Islamic State, the motive behind attack was also similar with motives of Taliban and Islamic State. India knows if the Islamic State has created its routes in Kashmir or if some people from IS has formed a group in Kashmir then things will not stop easily.

India knows the ideology behind attack was not for freedom but it was for Islamic system and if Kashmiri people will adopt the new ideology then who will stop them, how India will survive when the forces of 52 countries with world’s best technology were unable to survive.

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