Censorship and the Future of Media!

In modern times, Mass Media play vital role by providing information and entertainment to people across the border. Media’s different forms have influenced our lives. It was time, when print media ruled over the world, but now it faces competition from electronic media. And electronic media is now facing the same condition from social media. But these mediums still play their role by adopting changes of the time. Radio has been remained the main factor of providing entertainment apart from news and views.

As we are living in the digital world, media has also reshaped itself and emerged as new media. With the internet new mediums of disseminating the information and views across the globe have revolutionized the media.

Media with responsibility defended its freedom and played vital role, but the authoritarian governments and dictatorship narrowed its scope. We take an example of Pakistan; we see the dismal picture of media. Couple of the media institutions tend to maintain and protect its freedom, but the sense of social responsibility is not showed that is linked with the freedom of expression. Here we see media divided into anti-government, pro-government and righteous groups’ blocks. Meantime, it propagates the campaign against the rivals and trying to represent the skewed views on national issues. As a result, the truth and responsibility are vanished in vain.

On the other hand, Yellow Journalism (Its American term, which defines news which are fake, sensationalized and exaggerated instead of truth and reality) has become a trend in Pakistani Media. Every media institution is on the peak of Yellow Journalism. If we watch the transmission of an hour, most of those news have been on-aired which have no worth, those news comprise by lie, exaggeration, sensationalism and scandal based, to gain petty benefit. The ethics of journalism is on the verge of death, the new face of terrifying the people is emerging. Consequently, people feel unsafe, and they get themselves in the condition of uncertainty.

Now a day’s media in Pakistan seem to be controlled. All the media institutions are under the surveillance. Few days back, veteran journalists of Pakistan via BBC Urdu have describe the pathetic condition of media; especially they talked on the censorship by unviewed forces.

By keeping the hand on our own heart and say truth, what media face. It is in the hands of powerful institution. What they think has been injecting to our minds. If you watch a Talk Show on Pak-India relations, you will definitely conclude that India is greatest enemy. But the truth is not told, because it is bitter. Censorship on media reveals the negative impacts on society. What we want to know has been hided, what we don’t wish to watch has been transmitted.

By analyzing the current situation of media, the future of journalism seems blurring. Here in our country, any journalist or writer raises the voice against injustices; as a result he/she has been silenced. Cyril Almeida is the transparent example of victimization. If we look some years back, we will come to know about veteran journalist Hamid Mir, who was attacked in Karachi. As a journalist we see lot of examples that shock us as a nightmare.

The practice of silencing the voices against injustices is on the peak observing by the government and non-state actors as well. In recent days, the murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi exposed the brutal acts of Saudi Arab State.

So, it’s time for us to end such kind of practices against freedom of expression. As it is known fact that the truth cannot be hidden, it may take time but the reality in different aspects will surely be exposed.

If we want to shape the impartial face of media and to give freedom of expression to the citizens, we have to halt inhuman practices. If all the authorities of state believe media as fourth pillar of state, so it is duty of all stockholders to give freedom of expression.

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