Establishment chooses its Favorite leader & morphs him into Messiah pro tem.

In Medieval and primitive times, kings had their confidants and royal advisors like Chanakya Kautalya who played crucial roles in consolidating their rules. They would not only counsel but also made provisions to quell revolts and rout enemy kings in Battles. In this process of consolidating the rule of their favorite kings- pro tem- they also knew their vulnerable spots. If they sensed the king was no more dancing to their tunes or was using his own budhi in a critical situation, they would not only connive with the enemies but also swore publicly to bent upon destroying the king.

With the passage of time, these confidants have taken different forms. They are ubiquitous in every country in the form of lobbies and establishment and become conspicuous during elections in these countries. In developed nations, different lobbies play with the fate of parties in elections. On contrary, in developing countries like Pakistan, establishment topples governments on the pretext of corruption, bad governance, and injustices.
In comity of developed countries, masses flock around popular leaders and risk their lives if need be. They make sacrifices because democracy there has transformed their lives. However, such a demonstration is never witnessed in frail democracies because people never trust dishonest and trite leaders in such countries. People here are always eager to give chance to a new face in hope of ameliorating their dilapidated situations while leaving the old ones to the wind.

In Pakistan, designs of the establishment are more visible. A favorite politician is chosen and morphed into a Messiah, and when the required work is done, he is disposed of immediately. People in Pakistan instinctively sided with anti-establishment parties in the past. But they are not imbecile. They voted such parties into the government because undemocratic regimes cared less about the welfare of people. But the irony is elected leaders of these ill-starred people often become headlines in international Media because of stashing ill-gotten wealth abroad.

Now that tables have again turned and yesterday’s endeared are today’s opponents of the establishment. But masses in some areas have shown their resolve to not let establishment dispose of old faces. But in most part of the country, these old faces have failed to lure their voters because development work carried out by them is often patchy. A number of seasoned politicians have faced ostensibly unhappy voters in their constituencies during the election campaign. It will be interesting to watch in coming elections whether people vote dishonest politicians brushing aside their conviction in corruption cases or accept new endear of the establishment. It seems voters are between the devil and the deep sea.

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  1. Mehmed khan says

    This is so accurate of Pakistan’s condition

  2. Ali says

    The author suggests that when the highest court in the land deposes of a crooked politician, it is an injustice to the individual. This thought process is the reason why Pakistan cannot be cured of corrupt politicians; even when a PM is legally thrown out for hiding assets, the pro-Democracy crowd will find ways to scapegoat the army. Did the establishment leak the Panama documents and tell NS to lie about his assets? Let the court’s do their job because it is a need of the hour. Just because a leader is democratically elected, doesn’t mean he/she is an angelic entity. The rot stops here.

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