History of blunders

History of our motherland is not as simple as it is taught in our high schools and universities rather its way too complex. Going through the pages of history, an idea took birth in my mind to figure out few events which changed the course of my country resulting in hindering the progress. Although the history of Pakistan is fraught with myriad blunders I have tried to come up with 3 of the main events.

  1. Going to US cottage after independence:

It remains a mystery that why Pakistan opted to go to US camp instead of USSR (Russia) which was located more close in proximity. Although US was not interested in this region until 1954 when Sir foster Dalce formulated a policy to start the cold war against USSR. The then PM of Pakistan favored visiting Washington instead of Moscow. Pakistan put all its egg in one basket and by doing so it became heavily dependent on the USA on subjects of military and economy. Further, this step increased the undue importance of the military in our country which is not the case in democratic states. On the other hand, India chose to become the non-align country and by this, they developed their own industries without being dependent on any other country.

  1. Law of necessity:

The notorious concept of “law of necessity” whose founder would not have even envisaged the havoc it would cause to Pakistan’s political life. Its practical implementation for the first time in the land of the pure was seen when Justice Munir legalized an undemocratic step taken by governor general Ghulam Muhammad. This was not only a judgment rather a license for martial law for the dictators to come.  Later on in his book “from Jinnah to Zia,” Justice Munir acknowledged his mistake that how he helped Governor-general to encroach his powers.

  1. Jihad for America:

The cold war was at its peak during the 1970s and Afghanistan had become an outpost for USSR. In search of warm waters, Russia invaded Afghanistan. Pakistan as an ally of capitalistic America started in fluxing jihadis to fight Russia out of Afghanistan with the financial help pouring from the US and Saudi Arabia. The people of Pakistan got nothing but elite class and people residing in corridors of power kept on gaining weight. At that time General Zia used to be at the helm of affairs, who used “false Islamization” to promote jihad and to keep his undemocratic step shrouded. The repercussion of this was grave such as the clash of culture, drug abuse, arms culture and sectarianism, all these ghosts were unleashed during the 1980s.

There are certainly other events as well which harmed the tranquility of the country such as Army operation in East Pakistan after elections, the Judicial murder of Mr. Bhutto and decision to go for war with white elephant yet again.

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  1. Mustafa Nazir Ahmad says

    My advice to the worthy blogger is to first read some history books before identifying blunders. The first and third are factually wrong while the second is poorly elaborated. As for the first, Pakistan was conceived as a buffer state by the British and Jinnah was a mere pawn. Still, he had hinted at siding with the USSR (even if as a jest) in his very first interview (to ‘Life’ magazine) after the ‘independence’ in case the British and the Americans did not come up to the expectation of Pakistanis. But in retrospect no country would have done as much for Pakistan as the US did during the East Pakistan liberation movement. Had it not been for the US, Bangladesh would have been an independent country at least eight months ago.

    The third point reflects Pakistanis ‘ overall poor understanding of history and tendency to unquestioningly buy the shitty state narrative, however stupid it may appear on the face of it. Pakistan started covert operations in Afghanistan in late 1974 or early 1975, while the US entered the war at least eight years later in December 1982 after waiving off the sanctions against Pakistan under the Pressler Amendment. I love it when the blogger uses one of the favorite expressions of cheap Urdu columnists ‘warm waters’ without actually knowing Pakistan instigated a civil war by jihadists after a USSR-backed Communist government came to power in Afghanistan. The USSR actually came in support of that group against the Jihadist group backed by Pakistan. The US entered the fray at least five years down the line. Ko sharam, koi haya! But to be honest, I find it hard to believe how could someone who claims to be an English blogger be so ill-informed in this information era. Now even the vernacular press does not print such shit.

    1. Dipansh says

      Dear blogger,

      Little knowledge and/or a lack of understanding of it, it’s background, it’s context, and then to pass it off as historical facts and incidents…….is perhaps the worst of all vices.

      The only thing that beats it, is plagiarism (of sorts) of something that the blogger ‘might have seen’.

      Don’t just write something…..!!!!
      But then who am I to stop you from destroying your credibility further.

      (Forgive my, if any, grammatical errors. But I daresay they might not be as despicable than that which you have proffered as your own learned opinions.)

      Humbly your,

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