Pakistan’s is not democracy

In Pakistan, one is never certain about how the situation will take turn in future. This uncertainty is not anything unexpected as the entire system can only assure such pitfalls. The claim that there is no system working cannot be justified when we see a highly organised structure of society where there is a set lot of elite and a major chunk of our society that lives under poverty trap.

Here we have a system that is completely working and working effectively. Its name is “mechanical democracy” and it is not for the people, by the people and of the people. The key to success is CORRUPTION and the secret to its sustainability is “Charter of democracy” or we can say Muk-Mukka in slang. Security of this system is two-way process where the institutes protect the system and in return system protects institutes. It is highly operational and we see that anyone who goes against the system is simply kicked out of it like Zaka Asharaf, Justice Bakir Najfi….and the list goes on. Whereas, those who serve its purpose well are granted wealth, office and repute like Rana Sanaullah, Mushtaq Sukhera, Najam Sethi and so on.

The “architects of this system” have designed it in such a way that they can use every tool that was meant to protect the rights of people against them, whenever it attempts to challenge their reign of terror. The recent example of this cannot be better understood without mentioning Model Town killings that took place on 17th of June, 2014. Despite the fact that killers of fourteen unarmed PAT workers have been televised live shooting at men and women and no one has yet been convicted. PAT staged a prolonged day-night sit-in following the incident in order to seek justice for the victims’ families and then on assurance of chief of army staff General Raheel Shareef FIR was finally lodged against the accused criminals. JIT formed solely by the composition of accused Punjab police and judges had formulated its findings under the lead of Justice Bakir Najfi in the form of a report. This report remained undercover and was not allowed to be declared officially as it held high profiles of Punjab government responsible for the incident. A well-known journalist Kamran Shahid disclosed the findings of that report before media in his program. He told that according to the report “Punjab government is by all means responsible for the incident”. The report negated the verdict of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, he added. The report further refuted the claim of Punjab CM in which he said that he ordered his personal assistant to look into the matter to stop the ongoing confrontation between police and PAT workers. “Justice Bakir Najfi told that he had no jurisdiction to determine those who were responsible”. This is how they handicap the system to work for the people. People like Justice Bakir Najfi who tried to challenge the status-quo by doing their job in accordance with the law, their rights to profess their duties are confiscated this way.

“They (the findings) have been challenged in Lahore Higher court”, told Arshad Sharif, another well know journalist. He further told that a review petition was drafted and Justice Mamoon Rasheed refused to hear that as it was investigated that he had close ties with Sharif family. This unveils another sad reality about our mechanical democracy in which the fear of being sanctioned forbade anyone to perform his duty. After two years, the justice has been delayed in a mechanical way.

Asad Kharal, one of Pakistan’s top investigative journalists, has revealed the plan in a series of tweets that a meeting was held at 180-H, Model Town, on August 2, in which draft had been reviewed that would allow amending the laws. By doing this, the high-ups and Sharif family members accused of killings would be ripped off the allegations. Asad Kharal on Tehlka TV told, ”the amended draft aimed at dodging legal proceedings going on in the court of law into the Model Town massacre where the Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehreek is the complainant seeking conviction of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah and several federal and provincial ministers”. He told that this amendment will make judges “toothless”. He tweeted, “No judge will be empowered to order police register a case. This development is in the backdrop of PAT’s private complaint seeking an FIR against Sharifs and their ministers and police officers. Under the proposed CrPC laws, an SHO will be authorised to lodge an FIR.”

In another tweet he told that, “Under the new law, a district prosecutor will be able to withdraw any case from the court, especially when some private complainant will challenge the police investigation to declare someone innocent, as is the case with the Model Town, where the PAT is seeking justice into police findings where Sharifs have been declared innocent.” Asad Kharal further revealed about the new amendments that Shehbaz Sharif was also interested in withdrawing powers of sections 22-A and 22-B which allow “a session’s court judge to order police reregister a case on a private complaint.” Under the new arrangements, a case would be registered after the approval from the panel of three retired judges. These arrangements are setting grounds for mighty and authoritative bunch of society upon which the act of trial had always been seen as an impossible situation.

Pakistan’s mechanised democracy isn’t a real democracy. A hybrid offspring of democracy and corruption should be called “mechanical democracy” instead of popular democracy, said Dr Tahirul Qadri recently in an interview with Dr Moeed Pirzada on Dunya News. This highly organised system which works as a dummy structure of democracy waives off the rights of masses and benefits the interests of elite. But history gives a hope in this situation that whenever the society packs in such a composition then revolutions become inevitable.

“When a free society cannot help the many who are poor soon it will be unable to help those few who are rich”- John F Kennedy

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