Why CPEC is vital for Pakistan’s economy

We’ve been hearing about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its importance for Pakistan’s future. However, there are hardly any details of it known to most of the people in the country. This is why I have decided to discuss CPEC in #GwadarKaMahaaz.

Tonight’s show discusses how army is providing security to the CPEC but also discusses in detail what Navy needs in order to secure the port that is so vital to this project.

Here is my opinion on the subject, watch now:

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  1. baber ali says

    Wajahat its good to see all drills in Gwadar,but ideally before gwadar get operational some drills should be done in karachi ,where drills in realtime scenario is already present,in Gwadar rightnow there are no cargo ships,no walls of containers ,no heavy traffic,gov should provide patrol boats and amphibious vehicles to marines to strengthen the security to CPEC

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