Entertainment Channels…..raising issues or creating issues?

yeh kiya ho raha hai? i always like to start my viewpoint with this tagline. because when i look around and observe the ongoing malicious activities in our society i only end up asking myself what the hell is going on.

well since the last decade, pakistani media has emerged in the world with a bang. people generally around the world see us as a conservative state but our fastest growing media has forced people to not 100% but change a little bit perspective about our country. i m not an expert analyst on social issues or politics but what i feel and what i have observed as a common man i will surely jot it down. i m not going into the whole media debate but will b focusing on that angle of media which is attracting the household masses. as a strong supporter of our own media i always prefer watching my own channels rather pathetic indian cable channels. but as time is passing by i am beginning to notice a strong change in our media policies and most importantly has start seeing the use of the term ” free media ” very strongly.

when you go few decades back when there was one channel  our very own dear PTV ( Pakistan Television Network ), our lives were simple. our only entertainment was one channel and that channel knew its limitations and boundaries well. simple dramas with simple stories, simple yet stylish and decent fashion, informative and useful programmes, and limited shows and lastly amazing humor. but with the advent of ” free media and enlightened moderation “, the simplicity from our lives has been long gone. our dramas our famous in the world because of amazing and well crafted story lines.

our dramas forced people especially women to switch over from the ” saas/bahu ” stories to meaningful yet entertaining pakistani dramas. but now whenever u switch on any certain channel they are full of glamorized indian inspired dramas. few of them have stories but yet with so much glamor, and with so much riches dat a common viewer gets complex. he/she is being made aware of what they dont have. i just fail to understand what has happened to our media governing bodies? for who are they making such programmes? a common man cant even find a proper one time meal and here they are showing high raised building like houses, with crisp tailored and well suited owners, along with their highly fashionable wives loaded with jewels from head to toe.

Trying to be different from others the story lines of various shows are becoming controversial or way too liberal, keeping in view dat we are an islamic state.just because of one tagline ” freedom of expression and free media “. and there r so many dramas on-airing right now dat you cant even keep track of one drama. this is a really sorry state. Also i have observed that to raise their channel ratings almost all channels have started showing indian content without any hesitation which is an alarming situation because a common man at the end of the day goes home, sits down with his family, relaxes and watch television. if our very own media will exploit the freedom given to it by promoting foreign culture rather our very own rich culture, then what will our future generation will learn???

another medium that is causing stir among common masses are the advertisements currently running on our channels. Allhumdolillah! inflation rate in pakistan is so high that it has broken previous record of poverty. but still these conglomerate giants are promoting their products in such a way that no common man is able to afford yet their craving increases with the passing time. if i have to quote one such example i will give example of cooking oil ads. The dining table shown in each ad is so full of rich food that you can’t even see an empty space on the table. have these people ever realised dat a common man cannot even find a proper meal for once at anytime of the day????

These type of ads create more depressions and increase more complexes. now i will talk about a new trend that has been emerged on our media for quite sometime now. the advent of the ” Morning Shows “. what is the purpose of such shows? what the channels are trying to achieve by airing such type of content on their channels. every early morning you swtich on the channels and there you see ladies sitting with the most expensive and stylish attire and wearing expensive jewels and talking about social problems. are these women qualified enough to talk about the  ever growing problems of our society? they are just going through the script that’s all.br/>
it is really encouraging to bring forward social issues but the way they are being put forward is a dilemma. this approach of our media is not creating positivity but rather an alarming negativity. okay i agree that the t.v. channels are targeting the middle and upper middle class society. if its true even then the way they dress and talk and the way they are giving away expensive goodies is not the right way to do so. obviously these type of acts surely do catch the attention of people but what good they get from all of this. everyday same common faces, celebrities and then putting up a miserable face on the t.v. just to show how they care about the poor population of our country.

but sorry to say there are millions out there who are living way way below poverty line and we cannot even imagine the pains and sufferings they are going through. just showing one problem isnt going to solve the problem. if these channels truly wanted to bring a positive change in society then they should point out places and people with problems by going to them. this is all a public stunt just to raise their ratings. and now these shows are becoming something like a symbol of ” messiah ” for the common man. people inform them about their problems and they are trying to solve the problems in their own way without realising the consequences.

i am a common house wife. i afford living to a certain limit. but whenever i switch on the channels and go through these shows i feel depressed and sorry for those women who are spell bounded by this drama on t.v. just to gain popularity these shows and their hosts are getting so much carried away. they think they have every right to say or do anything live on television as this is free media. is invading other people’s privacy permissible, is humiliating certain people on live channels permissible, is exploiting common man’s emotions permissible, ??????????…..trying to better our country’s image, our governmet has unleashed a monster which is just for their own material benefits are playing with the common man. this type of ” freedom ” is increasing extremism in our society.

Respect for elders is withering away. little kids have become aware of those problems or issues which are not even required by them. the shame, and respect and one’s privacy are long gone. now being married or un married is the same. our new generation are not getting any islamic values, because there arent enough islamic programmes. those shown are just to make people realize oh! we are muslims. they are aired on times at which people usually dont watch t.v. my list can go on and on. giving freedom to media in our country is a positive approach but exploiting this freedom and not even realizing the depression and anxiety being raised to an alarmingly high rate is condemnable. please show the real pakistan..this is not pakistan…..



  1. Qaisar Farooq

    February 22, 2012 at 12:21 am

    I think you raise a very important issue of our entertainment media,every thing you wrote above is absolutely right.I personally feel its a responsibility of media and government to ban producers of certain dramas,programs those showing glamor,and such things that are not suitable for our society,even now days its not possible to watch Pakistani drama with family,I wish i could see any action from PEMRA against such channels,and producers those are destroying our culture.

  2. Hina Haris

    February 22, 2012 at 12:45 am

    I really liked your article and so agree with you…. great stuff!!! hope to see more from you….

  3. Muhammaf Asif

    February 22, 2012 at 2:19 am

    GOOD WOrk,Mehreen

  4. mehreen kaleem bhatti

    February 22, 2012 at 2:40 am

    feedback will be really encouraging for me as this is my first attempt to write on any issue…..

    • shahzad

      February 22, 2012 at 6:32 pm

      mehreen congrats on your first article,All the best.

    • Danial Tariq

      March 2, 2012 at 8:04 am

      Don’t be afraid to do anything first time..everthing You did since you were born was done first the First time!!
      Don’t be discouraged, I am just trying to encourage you!!

  5. Faisal

    February 22, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Good thinking and a positive initiative! Our media has to set its principles and work within some boundaries.

    One suggestion is to write shorter articles. Keep writing.

  6. Jamil

    February 22, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    i agree on how other channels are working. speacilly our morning shows are like indain shows. We always see bollywood being pormoted on our channels but not pakistani industry. thankyou

  7. mehreen kaleem bhatti

    February 22, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. inshallah i will try to write short articles next time. there is so much going on in our society that no matter how shorter or lengthy we write, the list is never ending. and yes our media is very actively supporting bollywood content where as we should be promoting our own industry and our own talent. even the cartoons shown are dubbed in hindi and in no way watchable. ” media ki azadi ” doesnt mean we should forget our own rich culture….

  8. Muhammad Imran Kazim

    March 2, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Nice effort M!
    we should streamline our society in a good way by educating them as you did and keep it going..

    Best of luck!

  9. Rajdeep Singh Kahlon

    March 8, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Dear Mehreen,
    I read your article that reveals the thoughts of a well cultured person. Simple but impressive expressions. I am from East Punjab (Amritsar)but now in usa. I am not very fond of TV but sometimes watch it. The dramas or soaps whatever being shown on Indian channels have essence of English Dramas of usa. Culture of sub continent has vanished from the shows. IN the name of commedy they offer vulgarity. The words we avoid to use in front of kids or elders are essential-part of it now.I do not know how it is affecting Pak TV.But i can realize much damage has been done. I remember when our whole family would sit together to watch Pak. serials,like Affshan, fishaar etc. What Bollywood is serving is not even close to our culture. i can feel you. What is being shown on the TV (both in Pak and India)does not show the true picture of our culture and society.We have not adopted the work culture,cooperation, honesty,and truthfulness of the West.But embraced their openness. when you observe them engaged in an activity, which is intolerable in our culture,it does not seem awkward here.As live in together culture is not inappropriate here. But we feel proud to exercise in our countries which is unacceptable.This is an other value being promoted in so Called Bollywood dramas, which seldom has story line. Our people do not understand the meaning and value of freedom. I advocate the freedom of media and people too. But you are in filtering unacceptable values in the name of FREEDOM.But again putting a restriction makes it more desirable.As world has become small global village one can not impose choices about any thing. But at least there should be policy for TV programs. Bollywood is not only intruding in our daily lives,but trying to intrude, affect,impose altered Religious values. I am a Sikh and aware of what they are trying to do. At last i thank you for wonder article.your writing(expression)is very good. i hope i shall get more to read from you. Rajdeep Singh

  10. mehreen kaleem

    March 11, 2012 at 2:45 am

    thank you so much mr. rajdeep for your words of appreciation. and i totally agree with what you said above۔۔۔

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