Protest for Uighur Muslims

LAHORE: Friends of Uighur Muslims have arranged a demonstration to demand that alleged atrocities against them should end in China.

Speaking to the protesters, Maulana Ahed Bilal, Ziaul Islam, and Samiul Haq alleged that Uighur Muslims are facing atrocities in China. They said that these Muslims are not allowed to perform their religious rituals freely and are forced to eat un-Islamic food. They said these Muslims are not allowed to perform Hajj and say their prayers.

They said Uighurs are not allowed to give their children Muslim names. They further alleged that China has been keeping two million Muslims in torture cells, and this issue should be discussed in OIC.  They said that they will keep on the rising voice in favor of Uighur Muslims in all cities of Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that Uyghurs are an ethnic Muslim minority living in east and central Asia. Around 11 million of these Turkic Muslims make half of the population of China’s Xinjiang province, which is the country’s biggest region spanning over 1.6 million km square, bordering with Central Asian countries.

In the name of a crackdown on religious extremism, China has been capturing, detaining, and torturing millions of Muslims in internment camps since 2017. China, however, rejects allegations, saying that the facilities are vocational ‘concentration camps’ to re-educate and train Muslim ethnic minority groups for their rehabilitation and redemption in its attempt to fight terrorism and religious extremism.

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