Social media is smokes and mirrors

Social media is a double edge sword. You all the know the drill of social media, uploading pictures, status, sharing stories and commenting. Social media has allowed us to transfer a copious amount of information that will ultimately lead to progress and quantifiable change. But it’s kind of a red herring towards reality. It has the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Social media is all about creating an idealized version of oneself and hence escaping the reality. We need to understand that every human on this earth is not utterly enjoying life and if their social media implies otherwise then they are lying. What people show online is not entirely true. Not everyone is on cloud nine.
If someone has posted a perfect picture of having fun that doesn’t mean they are not passing through their boring routines. Behind every perfect photo, there are thousands of not so perfect photos. Basically, putting up the collection of the best and brightest moment in social media is too stressful.

For e.g. you just saw a picture of your friend enjoying at the beach. Now you eat your heart out and think that why am I not on the beach? Why am I not enjoying my life the way she is? What you just missed from that photo is that she spent an hour to take photos, looking for the perfect view, moving from one place to another just to get a perfect shot, dressed up to the nines just to get colorful picture and posing in different ways to look natural. Then selected the best one, posted it and missed enjoying the moment in staging photos just to get admiration from the people she barely knows.

There are billions of other examples related to the reality show on social media that people think they are directing and acting. From joining gym and posting a photo with a treadmill saying #fitnessgoals, when in reality you don’t run on a treadmill for more than five minutes. Posting a healthy meal picture, when in reality you ate pizza #Healthylifestyle. Putting up makeup, taking million selfies, editing it with filters and posting it on your social media saying #nofilter #wokeuplikethis.

People are really making a mountain out of a molehill to live their lives to be aesthetically pleasing across social media. It’s all Greek that one lives a life of peaches and cream. Next time you think that someone’s life is better than yours, think twice because it’s all smoke and mirrors.

You all are familiar with the function of currency and in social media these likes, comments and sharing stories are the currency by which we assign value to something. You are the product in social media. When you spent an hour to edit a photo and you put it on the social media, you are basically allowing others to value you. You are like a sitting duck, waiting for the people to tell you your worth.
Sometimes you meet with people to take pictures, when in reality you just don’t want to see them. People are sitting at dinners and their heads are buried in their phone, WHY? They took a photo and now they are thinking of the best caption for it and getting into anxiety. This photo is the validation of you being socially active with your friends and family.

We take our product off the shelf when it’s not selling. Same is the case with humans, you posted a picture and if that picture doesn’t give you above 500 or maybe 1000 likes, you take it off. You need to understand that beauty is only skin deep, you can’t let others decide who you really are. Not everyone is going to like you and not getting likes or comments doesn’t make you any lesser than anyone else.

What people are not understanding is that it’s not the social media which is causing the trouble, it’s the dark side of people. Social media is just illuminating the darker side of people. Once you have recognized the problem, you can fix it.

Nine times out of ten you spent two hours on social media and you get under someone’s spell. You start to think they are in the seventh heaven. HERE you need to nip this problem in the bud and for that you have to adopt audit social media diet. Just like you examine carefully everything before you eat, here you have to audit what goes in your head. Unfollow pages that is making you delusional. Unfriend people who are just faking everything and making you feel less special. Social media is a great way to connect but know that not everything is as it seems to be.
Create a better online experience for yourself. Follow people who inspire you to become a better version of yourself, follow actors as they do provide you entertainment, follow pages of religion as they are the way to peace. In short follow those who brings the best out of you. You are spending almost two hours every day on social media and you should feel better, motivated and inspired when you get offline.

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