Mohenjo-daro – A relic of the past!

As there are many historical places found in Pakistan. One of them is Mohenjo-daro and it is situated in Sindh district Larkana.

Mohenjo-daro is an ancient place, almost five thousand years ago, but it was discovered in 1922. Basically, the word Mohenjo-daro means “The Mound Of Dead”. The ruins tell us that, how the this ancient place was designed? And the People of this city were very hard working.They grew Lentils, barley, sesame, and peas for eating. A piece of cloth was also found there and it shows that the people of Mohenjo-daro had known how to grow cotton and made cloth.

The people in Mohenjo-daro built their homes by bricks or mud and every home had a bathroom. Scientists found a bath, which look like a huge swimming pool. According to the scientists, it could be used for religious activities and ceremonies.There is also remains  of a big hall with many pillars, which people think that this might be a kind of government building. Furthermore, the roads were very clean and their used be to sewerage lines as well. They took the dirty water outside of the city. So, that’s why the city always remained clean.

The people of Mohenjo-daro  made very nice pottery and toy, they know how to use cows and bullocks for ploughing the fields. In 1940, an archaeologist discovered 39 human skeletons in the Mohenjo-daro.

HOW this ancient place was discovered?

In 1922 some villagers were living near the mound and they saw pieces of broken pots. After that, they took the broken potteries to the experts, when the experts had checked potteries, they understood that, there is a city underneath the mound. They dug out the once destroyed city. According to them, this city remained there for almost 2 thousand years, and suddenly the city was destroyed and all its citizens were either disappeared or killed.

Still no one knows at this moment, why all of this happened? Who destroyed the city? Some people say that an enemy attacked it, while some argue that a great flood or an earthquake destroyed this city.

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