Technology and social life!

Over the past two decades, technology has profoundly affected the individual and collective lives of human beings. Today’s man sees life through the prism of technology, nothing seems to be at first hand.

If we look at some ten years ago, life was filled with colors. Relationships, Family and Friends were the priority. People used to sit together, talk with one another, spend time with their friends and family. But today siblings sitting in the same room talk to each other through instant messaging or WhatsApp, even the well being of their family members come in their knowledge through Facebook or WhatsApp statuses.

Previously, there used to be a Single Television in one house or going a little back Television at one house in the whole colony, the whole neighborhood used to gather to watch the night news and matches, everyone used to sit together and enjoy, today there is one or more television in every house but no one watch it the way it was previously watched.

Today, everyone has smart phones, so even if the whole family is sitting together for dinner, more than half of the members are busy in their phones.

Children used to play games like cricket and hide and seek in the streets. In month of June, after Zuhar when all elders used to sleep, cricket ball would break glass of someone’s window and all uncles would gather.

The children used to run away by knocking on the doors of houses. People used to get annoyed by this but they also used to laugh at the innocence of children.

But then the time changed, now kids of four years know how to use Smart Phone, they all have smart phones and tablets with them. They are immersed in the screens and do not even know the value of outdoor games, friends and family.

Technology has brought us Socially Closed, but has quarantined us from the real colors of life, importance of family and friends.

Today everyone is living a life full of lies and deception, we pretend to be what we are not, this pretense has made the world duplicitous. Nothing seems to be at First Hand, it’s a “Second Hand Living” actually.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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