Roguish trends in Media and International hypocrisy!

A wicked trend that is booming across the social media and in journalism, which I will call “Hoax exploration”. The meaning behind hoax exploration is bringing information without research. This disease has stabbed many journalists and channels across the globe. This trend has been the path to hide the veracities and brutal happenings behind the curtains of fake news and slipping the attention from the truths.

Highlighting the duties of journalism is very important, journalism is neutral and needs to convey the right and honest experiences to the society. But unfortunately, the bitter truth is we are being fed with Hollywood and Bollywood whereas the happenings in the nearby Muslim countries are not broadcasted where a “Programmed Massacre” is happening on daily basis. Sorry to say but the double-faced international media, which quotes the so-called ISIS and other Extremist group as Muslim extremist and on the other hand they shut down every broadcast that discloses their massacre of innocents, women and civilians in countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Kashmir.

Let’s take an example to make it clearer, you have oil and natural resources in your house, person living in the other town comes and hits you, snatches all your resources and when the media ask him why he did that he replies simply, Oh! The terrorists settled here, and I washed them out. So, this is the example of media that conveys what its being fed. Millions of Deaths in Muslim countries through missile, drones and deploying troops aren’t broadcasted due to fear of sanctions or international boycott, whereas international rules are broken by god fathers for which they aren’t interrogated.

Many may criticize me for writing the bitter truth, but I respect every opinion. The media needs to play a justified role in bringing the real news with proper research rather than displaying what is being fed by world leaders forcefully.

Quoting Jericho “Journalism is a mission not a business”.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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