This is the last century of Love for Books!

In today’s age where technology is advancing tremendously, the habit of reading and enjoying books is also changing. As technology is gaining a foothold in individual lives, the habit of reading books is dissolving in the air. Today’s man spends most of his time on electronic media. The internet, social media and mobiles have become an important part of daily life, so reading a book or piece of writing in a quiet corner of the library or at home seems to be an ancient idea.

Research has shown that people who study literature, discover the inner lives of the characters in stories, they have the ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others, and are skilled at maintaining social relationships. Reading books is a great activity to keep mind busy and alert with age.

But today the younger generation is not inclined towards books, magazines and newspapers, they prefer social media for information and entertainment while the reading culture is strong and alive in the older generation, they still read newspaper and magazines. They have a lot of books and magazines with them, in contrast, young people always have mobile phones in their hands.

“Nemrah Ahmad”, a well-known Urdu writer, writes in one of her novels:
“Today’s generation is allergic to books … they are stuck in the screens all the time … if you ever read books, you will know how big the world is and how deep man is.”
(Excerpt from Nemrah Ahmed’s Urdu novel “Haalim”.)

The British philosopher “Sir Roger Scruton” wrote:
“The consolation of imaginary things is not imaginary consolation.”

Depressed people are often the most isolated and alienated, they can find books as the best companion and facilitating immersive experiences and learning. Today, people are far from books and immersed in screens, so having stress, mental and emotional problems.

No matter how advanced the world is, the social media or internet can’t replace the pleasure of reading.

But today, there are very few people who love books and it seems that this is the last age of books, after a few years books will become a chapter of history.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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