Matrimonial agencies are no less than a curse!

Only thing worth disliking about technology or social media is that people actually are not social enough in real life now. My neighbor’s cat went missing or some friend’s mother tested positive for COVID-19, I get all the news from their social media accounts and have no time to visit them personally and condole so what I do is send my prayers and wishes via text with bundle of EMOJIs.

Even Desi parents most of the time socialize the same way but actual problem started when they realize that their kids are grown up and its time they have to think about their marriage and due to their small social circle they can’t find a suitable match for their kids!!

Marriage culture in Pakistan is pretty controversial. Most marriages in Pakistan are traditional arranged marriages, semi- arranged marriages or love marriages and if we talk about ratio of all these marriage pattern 90% of the marriages are arrange marriages and if we further categorize arrange marriage then there are cousin marriages, child marriage and even forced marriages.

No matter how well groomed or educated a girl or boy is Parents never think of them as a mature individual who can take the decision of their marriage on their own so the other possible solution parents can think of while looking for a spouse for them is taking services of matrimonial agencies which is no less than a curse and one of the most running business in Pakistan these days.

The whole concept of marriage in our society is so wrong, it’s very hard for Desi parents to understand the meaning of mutual understanding and mental compatibility when it comes to looking for a match for their kids and it’s not about marriage of two people but two families so no matter how much compatibility the couple have if families don’t like each other it’s a NO.

So let’s begin with Rishta hunt first:

Matrimony is a business anyone can start with zero investment, all it require is fox mentality a creep smart nature and you are ready for hunt. You can find their agents anywhere, in a shopping mall, in some social gathering or even on your WhatsApp or Facebook as they have access to everywhere if they find out there is an unmarried person living in family. All they have to do is first enlighten you with the concept of getting married early and then how hard it is to find a perfect match so it’s compulsory to get their services. Only financial demands are being highlighted in such cases or looks sometimes. Their duty is just to let you find as much matches as they can and here is the actual problem, we are living in 21st century most of the youngsters find their spouse on their own and that can be anyone like your university fellow, a colleague, the person next block or even some one from social media. Right for choosing your own life partner should be compulsory in all the laws of the world.

The kind of proposals these matrimony agents have are those who are pessimist enough and can’t stand for what they want so they leave themselves in the hand of these matrimony clowns who make them a show piece and earn from it.

Its parents duty to talk about it with children, give them trust and confidence and make them independent enough to live life on their own terms and choose the kind of person they want to spend their life with cause Marriage is indeed a beautiful relation and no one should ruin the concept of it by any mean.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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