Nothing Is Impossible!

This word “impossible” seem too small to see and hear, it doesn’t take us even 2 seconds to pronounce it but this little word is enough to destroy our entire life. Everyone knows about Thomas Edison and he don’t even need any introduction. Well, one day Edison’s teacher gave a letter to Edison’s mother, that brought tears to her eyes when Edison asked what is written in the letter, his mother replied that it said that your son is very intelligent and there is no teacher in our school to teach him, so you teach him at home. A few years later, after a thousand attempts, when Edison invented the bulb and achieved many more successes, one day when he was going through the old things in his house, he found that same old letter and he read that it was written in it that your son is stupid and there are no teachers in our school to teach him. Therefore, if Edison had read this letter in his childhood, then most probably the whole world would not know him today in good words because if it comes to a person’s mind that I’m weak and I can’t do, then you really cannot do anything. This is because our mind works like a tree whatever we use to think in the form of branches our mind gives us it’s reasons. There would be many more talented people in the world like Edison who could not explore their talent just because of words like impossible, difficult, I can’t and etc.

Impossible means the end, in other words, it means despair, and when anyone becomes hopeless, he stops trying and then he can never reach to his destination. It biggest example is of a circus elephant who is tied with ropes in his childhood at that time, the baby elephant tries hard to break the rope but fails as he does not have that much power at that time so it comes to his mind that it is very difficult, I cannot break it. Then when that baby elephant grows up, he can even break hundred such ropes, but he doesn’t try just because of his same childhood mindset. That is why we should always keep trying because as long as we keep trying we will never fail, just like if a car keeps on moving, it definitely reaches to its destination.

No doubt, all the successful people in the world today have never taken people’s negative words seriously and have never given up, Roger Bannister is one of many such people. In 1903 Herry Endruce who was the coach of the British Olympic team gave a statement that it is impossible to cross 1 mile within 4 minutes. Roger Bannister was sure about himself so he did not take the coach’s words seriously and made a world record  by covering the distance of 4 mile within 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds in 1954. And, he even proved that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. Impossible is nothing but just the name of the lock in our thoughts because if anything in the world would really be impossible, then physicist Stephen Hawking, whose entire body was paralyzed would not be the best scientist of the world, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates, who were college dropouts, would not be billionaires today, Mr Bean would not be able to make the whole world laugh despite having a speech disorder, Arunima Sinha who did not have a foot would not be the first female amputee to scale Mount Everest and Mount Vinson. All these people are those who did not made their weakness an excuse. If you go to any loser, they will have a list of excuses for the failure of their life. On the other hand, if you go to a winner they will have a thousand reasons to not do what they want but there will be only one reason to do what they want and they will do it.

Ups and downs use to come in everyone’s life but we should not be afraid of them and should never give up. If someone else can succeed then so can we because the God who has created them has created us as well. And in fact those who consider themselves weaker than anyone else doubt in Allah’s creation because God has not created anyone weak. For Allah everyone is equal, just like for a mother her all children are equal and then Allah loves his people more than 70 mothers. So we should stop thinking about all these negative things because what we think happens. And, if you really want to do something, then remove words like impossible, difficult and I can’t from your lives forever and listen to people’s nonsense from one air and get them remove from another so believe me you can be the most successful person in this universe.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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