Dark Side of Media is actually the Dark Side of People!

A peculiar war has recently started on social media and among the people of Pakistan, its sometimes encouraging and sometimes criticizing, sometimes Pakistani artists are praised and sometimes they are condemned, which results in entangling of social media users with each other.

In such a situation, an important question arises that is where Pakistan’s film and drama industry is heading and what is the viewpoint of audience. They criticize some particular content and on the other hand they keep on watching the same content.

How can a Production House or Channel stop airing the most watched content, or how can writers stop writing plots which are gaining the highest TRPs?

On one side, we all use to say that our media is promoting un-Islamic and immoral content, then why are we watching it?

Why Not we Stop watching that Content?

Why Not we Stop Promoting that Content?

Media shows what actually People want to Watch. It has been seen across the country that if PEMRA or PTA bans some shows or applications, public starts protesting against the ban. There have been a number of Dramas and Shows made with a Positive perspective of Islamic values and Pakistani culture, but they are not watched, even they don’t get satisfied ratings.

Then what the whole discussion is about?

It is said that media shapes the mentality, but looking today our media is totally spoiling every youngster and children. Means the loop is just moving continuously, a blame game is being played, public blames media and media says we show what public wants. Then who is responsible? In short, both, the clap doesn’t ring with one hand, both public and media needs to review themselves. Media plays an important role in nourishing the mindset of people, it must have a positive perspective towards religion and culture and a sense of patriotism towards the nation. Similarly, the public and audience must remain strong in their opinion as their words does matter.

Because the Dark side of Media is actually the Dark side of People.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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