Know The Story Of The “Princess Of Hope” Standing In The Desert Of Balochistan!

As soon as the name “Princess of Hope” is heard, it comes to mind that it is the name of an Egyptian princess, whose existence has lit a candle of hope among the people of that time. That is how she came to be called by that name.

However, apart from this thought that comes to mind, there is a different story of this princess. Let’s find out

Who is this princess standing in the deserts of Balochistan?

There are many coastal places and beautiful valleys in Balochistan province, which are unmatched. But people are not even aware of the beauty of many places, not even a princess who has been standing silent for years until a few years ago. However, this stone sculpture carved in the mountain range of the Makran Coastal is now known as the “Princess of Hope”.

The princess of this statue, located 190 km from Karachi, is dressed in a royal style. The tall princess looks elegant, but she looks as if she is hoping for something. The statue was named Princess of Hope in 2002 by the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie visited the area as a UN Goodwill Ambassador at the time and when she visited Hingol National Park, she saw the princess standing in the mountain range for years. This name came to her mind as soon as she saw this princess and she suggested the name of the princess of this statue which has been present at this place for years as “Princess of Hope”. The name of this princess of hope became popular again and this statue, which has existed for years, got recognition. Earlier, the statue, standing silently near the shores of the Arabian Sea, would have been hit by strong winds and dust storms, but it would have remained the same without its identity. There is another similar statue of the Sphinx at this place. It bears a resemblance to the famous Egyptian statue of the Sphinx, the only friend of the princess standing in this desolate desert. According to experts, these statues are 750 years old and historical heritage.

How to get here?

People traveling from Karachi have to travel 4 hours to reach this place. Try to come here on weekends.

There are two ways to reach Hingol National Park.

1: Make a booking with a tour operator and then get here easily.

2: The second way is to save the map of this place with the help of Google and then drive to get here.

To get here, first, come to Hub then travel to Zero Point. While traveling on the Makran Coastal Highway, you get to see some of the most beautiful scenery that makes this trip memorable and never tires you out. As you continue this journey you will reach Hingol National Park.

Remember that this road trip is very difficult in some places because of the lack of facilities on the highway makes this journey difficult. Be sure to take extra fuel with you so you don’t run out of petrol. There are no mechanics or auto shops, so keep some car repair tools with you so they can be used as needed. Make sure your car is in good condition and has no problems. If there is a problem with the car, do not travel here.

Costs and equipment:

If you want to book a tour operator, you have to pay Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,000 per person to travel from Karachi to Hingol National Park. Tour operators use two-way air-conditioned buses. Tour operators also provide breakfast, lunch, water bottles, soft drinks, snacks, and other items, as well as photographers. Similarly, those who want to go on their own should also take food, snacks, a camera, etc. with them so that they can stand next to the Princess of Hope and take memorable pictures.

The number of visitors to Princess of Hope and Hingol National Park has been increasing over time, but no steps have been taken to preserve this historical heritage. People who come here write the names of themselves and their loved ones on the walls near the statue with sharp objects or markers. That is why in many places where you will see the names of people inscribed which impress the beauty of this place and its historical heritage.

This strip of Balochistan is important for many important tourist destinations and historically. There are several tourist attractions in Kund Malir, Hingol National Park, Hinglaj Mata temple and Princess of Hope, Ormara, and Gwadar that need to be decorated, beautified, and improved. At the same time, the Balochistan government should try to improve the condition of roads here as well as provide rest houses, hotels, food shops, petrol pumps, and other necessities for the visitors so that tourism can flourish here to be further developed.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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